White Rabbit

While I’m trying to figure out what I want my updated site to look like, I’m using this template, and who knows? I might continue using it. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m here because Elon just dropped a bomb. Anons know exactly what he’s intimating.

Note the time he tweeted that 👆👆 — 8:15

OK, now watch this…

Elon’s posting time matches a Q drop date containing references to White Rabbits.

Do you know what White Rabbits denote?

Follow the white rabbit

Adrenochrome – when looked at on a molecular level, it looks like a white rabbit. 👀

Tilt this upright and it resembles a rabbit

Q pluralized it by writing “Who are the white rabbits?”

White Rabbits also traffic children.

Is Elon waking up the world Q style?

He’s clearly signaling to anons. Has been for weeks.

I never would have thought he was knowledgeable in Q but he has just been dropping too many red pills lately. Something is about to go down, feel it in my gut.

I bet she hates her job.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. This template is an easy read for over 40 eyes. But I’ll be happy with any template you want; just please keep posting!

  2. Put the “Previous Post” and “Next Post” at the top of the page also for those of use who can’t remember if we have read this one or not. When I realize I have already read this one I have to scroll all the way down to get to the next post. Would be convenient to have both at the top and at the bottom. Thanks!

  3. We will Like anything you decide is best for you. We just Love that you give us yourself, precious time, expert writing and communicating skills, and we get it without charge to us. Amazing and we Love you. Of course most of us do not like changes, especially us old Pups. Can you change the spacing? It does seem to have lots of scrolling space. Not a biggie. Thanks for all you do.

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