Kyle “Just Human”- JFK Files

Kyle posted this today on his Just Human Telegram channel.

“Newly released JFK files talking about how the CIA funded and started the Student activist Group that was formed to Overthrow Bautista. 

So they essentially helped Castro get in.

The group then changed to opposing Castro, backed by CIA and another group formed, the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, ALSO created with CIA assistance and funding. (Some of this seems to have been known to the public but not exactly widespread)

Both seem potentially tied to JFK assassination (although there’s a million directions one could go when researching his assassination)

But in general speaking, does the CIA do anything OTHER than fund manipulation of Societies? This, the Contras, Iran, many others…

Couple this with MK Uktra mind control experiments, Mockingbird media infiltration, constant ties to drugs saturating society and more it begs the question:

What would the world look like if not for the constant manipulations of the CIA?”

And this by Burning Bright, reposted by Kyle who together host a fascinating show every Sunday night on Rumble and other platforms at 9:30p ET titled “Defected.” Intelligent talk for intelligent minds.

By Radiopatriot

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