Here’s a summary of the day’s events.

Here’s a summary of the day’s events.

We won today. We haven’t won the case yet, but battles are fought and won before either side wins a war. 

Richer perjured himself, 19” ballots were exposed, chain of custody is clearly broken, and Maricopa admits it doesn’t follow the law. The defense pissed the judge off, and if your thoughts are that the trial was only called as a deception, then it was a huge error because a ton of fraud and misconduct came out today. — Seth Keshel

“They Weren’t Following the Legal Requirements for Chain of Custody” – Expert in Kari Lake Trial, Heather Honey, Destroys Maricopa’s Defense

This afternoon in the Kari Lake trial in Maricopa County, Arizona, the chain of custody expert testified on the status of the chain of custody activities in Maricopa County during the election.   Heather Honey destroyed any suggestion that Maricopa County followed the law in regard to chain of custody requirements according to the law in…

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer Caught In Kari Lake Trial Admitting to Not Complying with the Law in Two Ways

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