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The Fauci Files Are The Next Big Step In The Great Awakening

The Ground Has Been Prepared – We Only Need Elon Musk To Follow Through

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See all the normies over on Twitter there? They know something’s not right. But let’s face it. Untold millions of people are still locked in the MSM’s Narrative Bubble. It hasn’t been popped for them yet. They are still reading the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune. Or they watch Fox News [which infamously fired brave and fearless journalist Lara Logan for comparing Fauci to the Nazi’s Dr. Josef Mengle], CNN or the evening Big Three broadcasts [ABC, NBC, CBS]. They read Time and Newsweek for their news.

And until recently, just over two months ago, what these people were allowed to see on social media was being tightly controlled and manipulated from behind the scenes. 

On Twitter.

On Facebook.’

On Google and YouTube.

On Instagram.

They don’t follow any conservative media. The closest thing they get to it is Fox News. They’re not watching Steve Bannon or Dinesh D’Souza or Larry Elder or Seb Gorka or any number of conservative commentators who’ve been yelling the truth about the pandemic from the housetops for the past two years. 


But an amazing thing happened in late October of this year. Something that was **NEVER SUPPOSED TO EVER HAPPEN NEVER EVER EVER**.

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