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The following is excerpted from Brian Cates’ post:

“The management of the rollout of the ever-growing and ever-widening TwitterGate scandal has been absolutely stellar. Throughout the revelations in Twitter Files releases 1.0 – 6.0, new Twitter CEO Elon Musk entrusted a trio of solidly liberal-left-but-honest reporters [Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger & Bari Weiss] with releasing a series of damning reports about a mountain of hidden malfeasance that had been going on at the social media platform for the past several years. 

After slowly introducing with more and more evidence that Twitter was not only censoring American citizens for the US government with each successive drop, it turned out the best had been saved for last. 

Because that TwitterGate Files drop 7.0 blew any remaining doubt that the FBI made use of Twitter to directly interfere in the 2020 election. And of course, the Hunter Biden laptop is central to the scandal. 

Turns out Elon was **not** exaggerating when he tweeted this recently:

If anything, Musk’s Tweet was very understated, given what was coming. 

You can read the previous six installments of The Twitter Files 1-6 at the following links: 

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And now we can add:

Michael Shellenberger – Twitter Files #7

Briefly, here are the major revelations of this last TwitterGate disclosure: 

  1. The FBI had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop for almost a full year before Rudy Giuliani gave a copy to the NY Post, who began to prepare a story on it.
  2. Despite knowing the laptop was genuine, the FBI began a coordinated disinformation campaign to convince Twitter staff any forthcoming scandal about Hunter Biden dropping before the 2020 election was a Russian hacking disinformation effort and should be suppressed. 
  3. This coordinated effort on the part of the FBI to convince Twitter staff the Biden laptop story was fake involved giving Twitter executives temporary security clearances in order to use a classified web portal connected directly to FBI HQ.
  4. The FBI also provided incentive to Twitter to go along with a censor-by-proxy role on behalf of the agency by paying Twitter a cool $3.4 million dollars for the time Twitter’s staff spent working with the FBI to censor their own users.
  5. Possibly the most eye-opening revelation was this: At the cushy Aspen Institute think-tank conference held in Colorado in September of 2020, an organized war game strategy session was held with the theme of containing the fallout of a fake Russian hacking-related Hunter Biden scandal dropping in news & social media just before the 2020 election. 

What I find most stunning was the ‘Hunter Biden Scandal War Game’ that was held at the Aspen Institute’s yearly conference in Aspen, Colorado. 

In all the sound and fury of the past two years over the suppression of the NY Post’s laptop story, nobody ever breathed a word about top news/social media executives putting their heads together at a cushy left-wing think-tank conference and brainstorming how they’d prevent a Biden scandal from going viral just two weeks before the NY Post published it’s laptop report. 

In the 30th tweet of the 7.0 drop, Shellenberger wrote: 

In Sept 2020, Roth participated in an Aspen Institute “tabletop exercise” on a potential “Hack-and-Dump” operation relating to Hunter Biden

The goal was to shape how the media covered it — and how social media carried it

Shellenberger then showed how extensive and detailed that tabletop exercise was by providing the four pages that resulted from it:…”

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