It always seems to circle back to NATO

George Webb has been reporting on the nation-toppling undertaken by the CIA with the assistance and direct involvement of NATO.

There might be more than just one reason why President Trump went after NATO countries for not paying their fair share.

YouTube took down ALL of Webb’s early video reports that detailed the ratlines that NATO was involved in.

“I have a right to defend myself against CNN and my journalism which has been spot on. I am not going to be intimidated. I am not backing down from the story.”

From My Notes:

George Webb, Day 71 – 2016

How Bribe Funnels Work

• SHAPE : Supreme Headquarters Allies Powers Europe — Mons Belgium, All NATO Nations Commit Budget

• George mentions film “FAIR GAME” starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn to use as an example.

• Defense contractors funnel R&D money [from Gov grants/contracts] to Subcontractors

• That’s why Comey was working at Lockheed, to discover and get the subcontractor connections

• Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson were critical principles in Libya

When Hillary was a Senator, she was part of the US Senate Armed Services committee;

• You need to get with Senate Armed Services in order to back any kind of expropriation (Note: John McCain sat on that cmte and reportedly engineered much of the ratline planning and execution to topple nations for minerals, oil, gold, treasure, slave labor, organs, child/sex trafficking, drugs, arms, etc.)

• US President (then it was Obama) gets half of the takings, the other half goes to others with interests in oil/gas, pipelines. US Armed Services is a type of group investment program, with certain individuals invited to invest. (Members of congress, military brass, and others) <<<Americans get none of this but we pay for it.>>>

• NATO Generals always win no matter who is elected president

• When you become president, you can’t just have your gang spring up out of nowhere. You have to be training them, i.e “cultivating your gang” along the way.

• Dyncorp is mentioned (a huge player in the ratline and nation topping business), Delta Force people create the “Gladio programs” used to train people to disrupt and create chaos in city streets (think today’s ANTIFA) beginning at least 6 months before any war

• Did Hillary fund these [ME Project] Gladio programs?

• Firstly we know Hillary is the key funding source in 1990 in Kosovo to overthrow the Serbs

• She was also involved in training gladio programs in North Africa (egypt/libya) and the US as well as Europe (George mentions citations and evidence in show notes below video)

• You need to have a Soros in every country to build up your political base (points to Open Society Foundations)

• ICG the spy extension of the CFR

• George discusses the competititon between Hillary and Bush.

• When Bush gets elected, Bush goes after Iraq because that’ s where the most oil is ( 9/11 was excuse to invade Iraq and take the oil spoils).

• Valerie Plame was sent to Iraq as Hillary’s spy, to slow down Bush & Co.) because you want to knock over these banks first <<George points to toppled countries>>, to slow down Bush’s move to war.

• If don’t have the army yourself–like Pres. Bush did– to do a nation topple, you get NATO to do it for you (remember the 1100 hidden donors, US and NATO generals). That’s why you are going to have a 240 Billion dollars missing (Gaddafi’s billions)

• Sibel Edmonds, an FBI counterterrorism translator, blew the whistle on this activity, she called this “Gladio B” that Clinton started, the ME Project we are talking about

• George believes there are more Gladios. He calls them “C” and “D” for North Africa and the US.

• You send Valerie Plame into Iraq, and you send her ambassador husband Joe Wilson to Niger to say there is no uranium, and then as a result we found out the WMD story that Colin Powell told is a hoax, and that’s why these two (Plame & Wilson) were involved [AND SHE WAS OUTED as a SPY by BUSH ADM]

• <<<Just to explain here, since its complicated. This is infighting within the CIA, fighting over NATO Generals and military forces. There’s Clintons HYDRA versus Bush’s CIA. HYDRA is trying to topple other countries with NATO/US forces and this is why Iraq had to hire so many “security contractors” (mercenaries). So, to “slow down Bush’s efforts in Iraq” and to continue activities in North Africa, Joe Wilson outed WMD’s were a ruse, and in revenge, the Bush administration outed Plame as a spy>>>

• “Lockheed F35 — the British Officers Club”

• Valerie Plame was in counter-proliferation, so she knew about the Sarin gas in Libya

• Wikileaks offers $20,000 reward for anyone in the Obama White House that sends them files. “Two terrabyte drive with Clinton White House emails missing, presumed stolen from National Archives.”

• “All Files on Clinton Hires (including) SSNs and DOBs Destroyed Three Classified Budget Programs Authored by Lael Brainard 2013”

• “Lael Brainard destroyed 3 classified documents, and I believe these were the funding documents from the Treasury. You have to get the Treasury to pay for these programs

• US Gladio Program PDD-62 (Presidential Decision Directive 62 or D&D (Diffuse and Disrupt)), Gladio B, Manpower from Arkansas, [Senator Byrds’ old disrupters from] West Virgina

• Basically the idea is targeting political opponents initially, and as time has gone on, they’ve targeted more and more people with the “disruption program.” (i.e. the IC totally disrupts your life, ruining you, your marriage, your finances, etc. through many methods).

• NSA’s point of view: you can disrupt them, frog around with their business, livelihood, make sure emails don’t go through ( like purchase orders, and other important documents)

• D&D “Operatives out in the field”

• PDD-62 “US Gladio “Program” D&D is very expensive; requires lots of informants; continual recruiting and training cycle

• Whistleblowers are telling us that they are doing these sneak and break-in searches without a warrant, the whole Constitution is forgotten

• “Let’s bring in all new agents who’ve don’t know what the Constitution stands for, have forgotten the Constitution” resulting in 1/2 of the FBI force has changed for the worse since 9/11

• CFR people are the ones targeted for Brownstone (videotaped blackmail) Ops, Jeffrey Epstein was the guy from NY and has moved to Little St. James for the African (NATO) branch

• Gladio 4 will be a big weapons grab by Osprey

• D&D is breaking up relationships with people, isolating them, focusing the attention of disruption with a lot of other informants moving in and out of their life <<<“Gangstalking”>>

Day 74

(Former Gen. David) Petraeus brought CIA counterinsurgency techniques into the FBI which is using it as part of domestic OTPOR (Gladio D).

• Thus Petraus is behind these domestic programs that harass dissidents in the US, including Gangstalking

• <<<Petraus is then behind CTR, astroturfing on reddit and pizzagate censorship>>>

• George recaps Brownstone operations and blackmail leverage on NATO officers

Hillary’s strategy as Sec State (for a 2016 win to the White House) was very simple: use CIA subverts to push the narrative of counterterrorism, take private armies and donations from political ruling class, go around the world and steal everything and topple everyone and when becoming president, recreate (or remake) the US using stuff they stole, giving 99% to those who helped her, of course.

• Like the characters in film “Oceans 11”, each one played a specific role

• 1100 hidden donors are along for the ride, giving funding along the way as needed

• The guy running the show is Marc Rich, Hillary is the project manager

• George recaps the roles of the various players

• French and British intelligence operations verusus the Oceans 11 crew

• Recap Gladio B (C, D– Mexico and US)– used for the missing 6.5T in US

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