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Joe Lange is one of our favorite commenters at Spitballers and now on TRUTH social. Tonight we catch up with him, beginning with his posts on Dec. 14, ten days ago.

December 14, 2022

I’ve been wrong so many times on the timing.

I think they are purposely being overly cautious so as not to shock people mentally.

It’s a slow roll so everything is exposed.

If you exposed it all at once, a lot would go unnoticed.

December 15, 2022

Huge changes are coming! 

The best truly is yet to come.

In the end we will for the first time have true freedom.

It will be worth the temporary suffering.

December 15, 2022

You’re right.

The medical system is actually the toughest fight.

Trump couldn’t take it head on because of generations of brainwashing.

He had to expose it all.

We had to witness it.

December 15, 2022

This is playing out just like the Mueller special counsel.

Smith is going to gather all the evidence on the election fraud under the cover of the media narrative that he’s going after Trump when we already know Trump isn’t the target.

He will exonerate Trump just like Mueller did and the evidence gathered will be available for future court cases.

December 16, 2022

So I missed a lot yesterday. Was real busy.

This was probably the thought of most people but Trump selling trading cards was a big Q confirmation to me we are entering the final stages.

December 16, 2022

This is really bad timing for AOC considering the Republicans are about to take control of the House. 😁😁

I’m going to go out on a limb and say her days in Congress are numbered.

Things have changed my friends.

It’s not obvious yet but soon will be.


Red.Pill.Pharmacist ☆☆☆

AOC is in deep trouble.

https://dcenquirer.com/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-slapped-with-major-house-ethics-investigation/?utm_source=89381 https://truthsocial.com/users/DCEnquirer/statuses/109523874537265373

December 17, 2022

People forget he made a trip to Mar A Lago after Trump left office.

He was summoned.

This is all planned.

McCarthy will do exactly what Trump wants him to do, just like McConnell.

I can actually make a case for why McConnell is pushing this omnibus bill and why Trump wants it.

December 17, 2022

Ryan was forced out.

Trump could do the same thing to McCarthy but he hasn’t.

McCarthy is leveraged and will do exactly what Trump wants in my opinion just like McConnell.

December 17, 2022

I believe people are wildly underestimating how much of what we are witnessing is actually planned and timed.

It’s more like watching a movie than people realize.

December 17, 2022

I think this plan is actually incredible in its massive global scale with all the moving parts.

I’ve believed for a long time that most players involved on the enemy side know what’s coming and have no power to stop it.

December 17, 2022

Spit Ball


We all know McConnell is corrupt and has been for a long time.

Does anybody think Trump didn’t know that already?

If Trump knew he was corrupt then why would he place McConnell’s wife in his cabinet?

Think game theory.

By placing McConnells wife in his cabinet Trump was actually signaling to us that McConnell was leveraged.

Why would Trump leverage him?

Q told us the Senate was the target and the key.



There were a record amount of judge vacancies across the country when Trump became president.

If McConnell is the enemy then why would he push through all of Trump’s judges in record time?

That was one of the biggest parts of the plan, to flip the courts. We are already seeing the benefits of this in almost every court decision. Even Obama judges are suddenly following the law very carefully.


Everyone knows what’s coming.

They are all being given a choice.

This is war.

Do what we want or become an enemy combatant.

McConnell took the deal.

Guess who didn’t?

Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan was Speaker of the House, a powerful position yet he suddenly retired.


He was on the gang of eight in Congress who get intelligence briefings. He knew the Russian collusion stuff was a lie but allowed it anyway.

He was offered the same choice as McConnell but refused.

So what happened?

This is a portion of Q post  3968.

“Do you think it was PAUL RYAN‘s choice to step down?

Rising star in [R] party?

Speaker of the H?


Do you think it was Sen. Flake’s choice to step down?



Trump leveraged McConnell because he was the Republican leader in the Senate and Trump could use him to flip the courts and then as minority leader in the Senate after they let them steal it, to jam up and stop everything the democrats wanted to do.

He was practically running the Senate because Trump had also leveraged two democrat senators. Sinema and Manchin.

Trump leveraged Lyndsey Graham for the same reasons. Lyndsey chaired the Judiciary committee and Trump needed his three picks on the SC.

If it weren’t for Lyndsey Graham standing up and fighting for Kavanaugh, he wouldn’t have been approved.

It was a big deal.

So now what about McCarthy?

Did everyone forget about the trip McCarthy made to Mar A Lago after Trump left office?

He was summoned.


Because of this very moment Trump already knew was coming.

McCarthy has two jobs now.

Create gridlock to block democrat garbage legislation.

Second is to investigate everything and be a bullhorn amplifying all the democrat corruption.

That’s it.

That’s all we need him to do.

He’s taken a deal which is why Trump endorsed him just like he did McConnell.

Winning the war is more important than making people happy for the moment.

Think bigger picture.

The military is controlling things much more than people realize in the background.

Many enemy have asked for deals because they all know what’s coming.

Trump uses the ones that are useful for us to win the global war, not just the war against the insurgency.

December 17, 2022

Lol! Thx for the reminder on McConnell being my senator in Kentucky! I’m not proud of that for sure!😁

Your analysis is spot on and we all want true patriots in these powerful positions.

It’s coming.

Optics are important in this stage of the war.

Trump must look separated from the swamp to the normies but a time is coming when everything will change.

Trump already knows this.

The entire political landscape will change forever when everything is finally revealed and mass arrests happen.

There will be a lot of forced or voluntary retirements across the country amongst those that aren’t arrested.

A new dawn where all candidates will have to prove themselves America first and no more cheating in elections.

December 17, 2022

Bolsonaro is trying to prevent a civil war and has just done what Trump did before he left office.

Appoint patriots in key positions right before he leaves.

I think it’s a Brazilian devolution proof.

December 19, 2022

Kari Lake is the best!!

December 20, 2022

They were only there to gather evidence.

The plan has always been to go through the courts to prove election fraud.

Kari Lake is the tip of that spear and will go down in history as a great American hero.

December 20, 2022

Nothing is buried by anybody.

We are witnessing a plan unfold that has been timed for right now.

Just because nothing has happened publicly yet doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

The courts will expose all of this which I’ve been saying is the plan for a few years now.

December 20, 2022

Weiss is a wildcard. Barr appointed him to look into the Hunter corruption.

If you believe like I do that everything is planned and has been timed then I believe the Hunter stuff will hit an actual courtroom at the perfect time.

December 20, 2022

I believe her case “is” the plan to overturn the elections and expose the nationwide corrupt system.

Either way this judge decides, this case is on it’s way to the SC and I believe they’ve been waiting for it.

December 20, 2022

We’re already in a no lose situation in my opinion.

Kari loses and appeals to the SC which is who we want to hear the case anyway.

If she wins, she will either be declared the winner or a new election.

Either way, she will become the governor of Arizona and have the power to take all the evidence and begin to prosecute people.

December 20, 2022

Yep!!! The fact the judge took the case was a huge deal. As I’ve said, all that has to happen is for the evidence to finally get into a courtroom.

The ball is now rolling and will snowball.

December 20, 2022

We control the SC and they will restore the rule of law and the constitution 

It’s always been the plan in my opinion.

December 22, 2022


December 24, 2022

I just finished a Substack article on this topic for Badlands Media that should come out next week. 

I think most people are mistaken in how they view the military’s role in all of this.

People are waiting for the military to step in and save us and they don’t realize that the military has already done so.

Texas 2020 Election Audit Exposes “Very Serious Issues” In Harris County

…most serious issues occurred in Harris County, followed by Dallas with two large problems, including “phantom voters”…

December 24, 2022

In case you missed it and had forgotten that Texas was doing forensic audits in the two largest Democrat and two largest Republican counties.

Guess who failed miserably and has triggered criminal investigations?

Harris county. The most corrupt county in Texas that includes Houston.

Guess which political dynasty has controlled the Houston area for two generations?

The Bush’s. So it’s no surprise it’s corrupt.

Guess which county got excellent scores and is the model county?

Collin county.

The county I live in.

I can’t take any credit but I’m proud to live here.

We are probably the reddest county in the state and it’s because we prevent cheating.


Texas 2020 Election Audit Exposes “Very Serious Issues” In Harris County

…most serious issues occurred in Harris County, followed by Dallas with two large problems, including “phantom voters”…

December 24, 2022

If you don’t mind waiting till next week, I will answer that question very specifically in my Substack that will come out.

Just know that the moment Trump was sworn in, he became a wartime president.

We have been at war since that moment.

The military is actually controlling things far more than people realize in the background and everything is planned and timed which is why we are seeing everything happening at the same time right now.

December 24, 2022

I just read the judge’s decision.

I have to say that I can’t really disagree with his decision.

As bias as I am, and even though I’m sure there was not only cheating, but that it was done intentionally, you have to prove it with evidence.

The very first part of the judges decision is very important and it coincides with the court case I dug up from the late 70’s to overturn a presidential election.

The bar for overturning the election is purposely very high as it should be.

As the judge stated, the burden of proof is on proving not only “intentional” actions to commit fraud but also that it would have changed the outcome of the election.

Looking back on Kari’s case, I have to be honest and agree that they failed to do so definitively.

Here’s my big takeaway which has my mind spinning on possibilities.

The only ones with definitive evidence of intentional election fraud by election officials knowingly stealing an election, is the military.

How is that going to play out?

How will that evidence enter a courtroom in order to expose the conspiracy?

Kari Lake is not privy to it or she would have used it in her case.

Is that evidence in the forensic audit?

I think some of it is but so far, nothing has been fully exposed yet.

Kari will appeal but how will a higher court overturn this decision?

The burden of proof is high and what could she possibly change to overcome that?

Without communications by the conspirators in stealing the election, how do you prove intentional?

Unless something is revealed that can be entered into a courtroom, how does this change?

Honestly, this makes me think that I’ve been wrong about Kari’s lawsuit being the first domino to bring down the house.

Election challenges aren’t the answer.

Prosecutions are.

There is a plan. I believe it is a giant RICO case but when will it be triggered?

And how?

That’s the real question.

I think Eugene Yu is still the keystone to any prosecution in the nationwide conspiracy because of his connections.

But when?

That’s the question.

Wish I had the answers.

Just my take on where we’re at.

December 24, 2022

Do you remember the court case that I often referenced to overturn an election?

The judge in that case said similar things.

In order to get any judge to throw out an election, you are going to have to prove fraud by election officials knowingly.

You will also have to prove that it would have changed the outcome.

I read the judge’s decision and he makes very reasoned arguments specifically why they did not prove their case. They proved it was a horribly run election by Maricopa county but they did not prove that it was intentional.

Do I believe it was?


But a court of law requires evidence to prove it.

Did they have any communications by election officials to purposely do these things? No.

Any evidence of people working for the elections that were told by election officials to break the law? No.

Did they prove there were illegal ballots that gave Hobbs the win? No.

As great as the witnesses were, there was no real evidence presented that proved fraud intentionally. 

Does that evidence exist?

I believe it does but Kari does not possess it which tells me that her lawsuit will not overturn anything.

I wish that wasn’t the case but I don’t think she will win on appeal based on the judge’s decision.

That’s just my opinion.

So here’s the questions I’m asking myself.

The burden of proof is very high, so when and how is that evidence that we know the military has going to be produced?

Is that evidence contained in the forensic audit and how and when will that be produced?

Is there a RICO case happening behind the scenes and are there going to be indictments of election officials which would help clear that high bar of proof required in a courtroom?

That’s what I’m wondering.

December 24, 2022

I have a Substack scheduled for next week that gets into the military plan we are witnessing.

Admittedly I know nothing about the timing or details, I just know the road map we are following. I don’t know the ending other than we win and justice is coming.

I do think Kari thought she had a good case, I thought she did too and watching the case I thought she would win.

But when I read the judge’s ruling it reminded me exactly of the judge’s ruling in the court case I often refer to.

That burden of proof is high and it should be.

I think most people here know we have the evidence that election officials, not just in Arizona, conspired to steal the 2022 election and the 2020 election.

But who possesses that proof?

Reflecting on Kari’s case, I have to acknowledge that she doesn’t have that evidence.

Who does?

Simple answer to me.

The military and possibly the people with the forensic audit evidence.

So given that, my next question is who is going to prosecute the criminals involved?

The military or the AG in Arizona?

Well considering the incoming AG in Arizona is a democrat, I think I can rule him out.

But there is still a possibility in the Arizona AG office.

Brnovich did set up an election integrity unit that is conducting criminal investigations.

I like to compare Brnovich to Sessions.

Both men have been constantly accused of doing nothing but Sessions is the one who kicked off a lot of criminal investigations without anybody knowing about them that are still ongoing. Garland can’t stop them.

I think Brnovichs election integrity unit is very similar. I think they are in possession of the forensic audit evidence and are conducting bigger criminal investigations than we know right now.

I also think the military is controlling things far more than we know and everything is being timed. 

The military has the evidence.

Will they act themselves?

I still don’t think so because they are waiting on something.

I still think they want the courts to be the ones to restore the constitution and remove the two tier justice system.

Another Eugene Yu indictment would open the door to all election fraud in my opinion but is it going to happen? Has he flipped?

Is he already talking?

It’s a good possibility considering the LA DA’s weak argument for dropping the case.

Too much happening in the background to be sure about any details in my opinion.

December 24, 2022

I know there are massive investigations going on behind the scenes that involve all the major players. Durham is not the bulk of them.

I think the military has taken over a lot of this stuff and we know nothing about it.

When the DOJ, FBI and many courts are corrupted in a time of war, I think the rules change.

I think the rules changed the moment Trump was sworn in because he immediately became a wartime president.

December 24, 2022

I think Brnovich setting up that election integrity unit to conduct criminal investigations is a big deal.

It is just like Sessions setting up Huber to work with the IG office to criminally investigate everything.

I think that’s the one play that people are forgetting and I believe they possess the evidence from the forensic audit.

Merry Christmas to Joe Lange and all the magnificent Spitballers on Telegram and at Truth Social.


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  1. What a load of crap. Evidence of fraud is not fraud if it was not intentional? How do we know the votes in question were the ones that caused the deficit? What! Does anyone believe this demented BS?

    1. Much of the spit-balling involves trying to explain events which appear to point to total MAGA failure.

      So Patriots change their opinions and move goalposts daily, while the Socialists & Communists appear to be thrashing our butts.

      Either it’s all Kayfabe or our butts are truly thrashed.

      I’ve been saying that we’d know certainly of future MAGA success when the 2022 midterms resulted in a Red Tsunami. We got a purple trickle instead.

      So I shall NOT move my goalposts but stand firm and claim MAGA failure as my opinion. I must embrace truth, however addictive “Hopium” may be.

      Trust in God, not in “chariots, horses” and fallible politicians, Trump included.

      God might have a surprise for us up His omniscient sleeve: we shall see.

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