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On this quiet and peaceful Christmas Eve, I’m listening to some soft and wonderful Christmas music:

While relaxing to the melodies, I’m perusing some of the Anons out there who I’ve not had a chance to read for days. So, this is from RattleTrap 1776, who has PLENTY to say and writes copiously on Telegram. (…Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree… 🎄🎶 )

I keep reading where Podcasters / Telegram ppl say they sent something to Tucker and other Mainstream Media. 🤦🏽 


E.V.E.R.Y. Single thing and facet is being controlled by MILITARY from the START. 

Every single thing and facet has a Law and Code 💯

Fence going around Capital 👉🏻 47 US Code 606.

TV and Internet Control 👉🏻 47 US Code 606.

Everything D.C. related though all a Dog and Pony show 👉🏻 is a Continuation of Government 👉🏻 where the Military can operate effectively and efficiently ALL over the World doing what they’re doing which is the new QFS, cleaning out DUMBS, and also cleaning out the Military from crappy leadership and commanders (as written in the Law of War Manual), amongst other missions. 

If one would simply understand the timestamps from the start…

Law of War Manual 👉🏻 June 12, 2015

DJT Escalator 👉🏻 June 16, 2015

Military Justice Act 👉🏻 2016


The Laws controlling this Operation don’t stop until the Operation is complete. 

If everyone would just apply those above along with the Executive Orders from January 2017 to January 2021 then apply:

👉🏻The Space Force (Dept of the Air Force) has NEVER mentioned Biden and Biden has never said the words Space Force.

👉🏻Biden is never mentioned in the National Guard deploying.

👉🏻Coast Guard and Navy are operating together (with flight app picture proof documented). Coast Guard is a Department of Homeland Security during Peacetime, they operate under the Navy during times of War.

👉🏻The Army transferred ALL Communications to the Space Force in August under ONE command. Who’s the Commander if they’ve never mentioned Biden in one single article? Who created the independent Space Force December 20, 2019? 😎

Then ask yourself why has “Biden” extended EVERY SINGLE EXECUTIVE ORDER with National Emergencies declared in them by CIC Trump?

Why did he extend the very Executive Order, 13912, that Federalized 1 million Reserves and National Guard to Active-Duty?

Every single one of these had EXPIRATION DATES in them… they’ve been extended TWO years in a row now.

The 13912 wasn’t set to expire until this year… why did Biden extend it twice. Last year when it wasn’t even needed 🤣

Extending the 13912 now means the National Guard are active out to 2024. As the EO reads “no more than 24 consecutive months” in March 2020… it was set to expire in 2022. But ole “Biden” went ahead and made sure to extend twice for good measure. 🤣

That EO was written and also put in 10 US Code 1209… those Soldiers were Federalized DUE to all 7 National Emergencies declared by CIC Trump that were ALL UNADDRESSED by Congress… half of them long before Election, Nov. 3, 2020. 

That’s 7 Executive Orders with National Emergencies declared, all extended out to late 2023 and the 13912 to mid 2024.

Then ask yourself… why did Biden put such a heavy emphasis on shutting down Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) and hasn’t done so. 

Why hasn’t he revoked Executive Order 13823, CIC Trumps EO that REVOKED Obama’s EO to shut it down. 

So how come ole Biden hasn’t revoked the EO and shut it down? 

If he was President, he would have ALL the same powers as every other President. 

So why has he extended all of the EOs with National Emergencies and the very order that Federalized National Guard to Active Duty to DEAL with the threats that Congress did NOT address ☠️😎

Maybe perhaps because according to Law… the ONLY person who can terminate a National Emergency is the President who DECLARED it? 

50 United States Code 34.

Who declared them?


SEVEN of them. All have been extended two years in a row 😆

All proves COG and Military Operation 💯

👉🏻45 gets to terminate those and address the Nation 🇺🇸

Origin matters. Timeline and Timestamps matter.

Learn that and you’re much more calm, positive, and won’t fall for the Dog and Pony show every time like yesterday.

It’s ALL staged and part of the COG / Operation. 

I’m sorry some of you just cannot see it.

You must remove all propaganda and simply look at facts via Laws and Orders like Attorney’s. 

As long as you keep looking at multiple podcasters who refuse to show you the Laws and Orders… the harder you make it on yourself. 

Keep it simple. 💯🇺🇸


Ruh Roh…

That’s a no-no. Flag is wrinkled 💯✅ 

And a whole lotttt more to this dog and pony show. 

It’s a simple Continuation of Government. And the trolls grow rampant. 

But there ain’t a THING in the world they can do to stop what’s coming. 

Martial Law and Military Tribunals will be 🔥☠️💯🇺🇸

Pretty sure the Battle of Saratoga isn’t what ole Zelensky wants to be quoting ☠️ 

The Battle of Saratoga… no coincidence Benedict Arnold was there… ole traitor…

And also, no coincidence our first Constitution was founded a month after the last of this Battle.

It’s the little things 💯😎🇺🇸 dj

Andddddd it’s damaged. 

But I’m the crazy one hahahahahaha ☠️🇺🇸

I mean… you tell me. 💀😎


What Biden and Zelensky gifted each other

The Ukrainian president gave his U.S. counterpart the Cross of Military Merit during their meeting at the White House.

“We have a tradition here, and I will give it to him. My son, who fought in Iraq, they have what they call a command coin. Have you seen those coins we get in the battlefield?” Biden said. “I will make sure he gets one of those.”

So, let me get this straight… for the people who think Biden is President.

“He” knew this meeting was going to happen. 

Zelensky came prepared with a “Cross of Military Merit”…

But ole “Biden” will make sure he gets a Challenge Coin 🤭😆

It’s called a Challenge Coin btw 🤣

The “Commander-in-Chief” ain’t even got a Challenge Coin on him on a planned meeting? ☠️🤣

And last I checked… Biden’s never served in the military. The use of “we” 🤦🏽 

I love this dog and pony show. 

Americans who are still asleep… no words for ya 💯


Brazil sure loves them some Florida 🤓💯🇺🇸 

Tell us why Joeeeee 💀

Military Operations cover every little detail from the start to the end. 

A Continuation of Government is under a Military Operation. It’s a must and a need especially when the Military wants to operate more smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.

Two years under this COG, is really not a long time for civilians to be whining and griping, as many still are.

This is pure perfection of a COG.

The “Cross of Military Merit” that Z-man gave Biden… 

Is NOWHERE to be found on the list of Ukrainian Medals👇🏻




The “Cross of Combat Merit” was given from 1945 to 1952 👇🏻


Which was given by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army who helped fight against Nazi Germany👇🏻


The “Cross of Military Merit” isn’t recognized by Ukrainian Army.

And this page is saying “Biden” was awarded the “Hero of Ukraine” award which is a completely different medal.👇🏻


The ONLY Medal that looks like the one in the picture… can only be found on the official Ukrainian President Website. 

However when you translate the Ukrainian to English… immediately under the medal it mentions Andrii Yermak, the Head of the Presidential Administration, who just “happened” to have been best friends with Zelensky and just even more so “happens” to be a Film Producer 💀🤓

Official Site:


This medal was created May 5, 2022. 

Sureeeeeeeee. There’s going to be the “Biden Lovers” and trolls who justify EVERYTHING because they clearly refuse to read the Laws and Orders and understand the Military Operation… or they just hate America… they’re going to say “it’s a new medal and hasn’t had time to be recognized by Military” which is a major crock of 💩💯

For those who can comprehend, read, and apply the timeline… it’s nothing but a COG. 

The fact that a Medal is created in May 2022. And it’s nowhere recognized in Ukrainian Forces… only recognized by the Ukraine President who used to be an Actor… LOL Makes a lot of sense.

So, let’s just break this down without getting too complicated.

Obama wrote 3 Executive Orders for Ukraine in 2014.

VP Biden made 7 trips in 7 months to Ukraine in 2014.

In 2014, there was not a traditional election held in March. It was called a “Snap” Election in May. Where Poroshenko “won” the first round and there was not a second round. Obama congratulated him 2 days after the “election.”

Putin and CIC Trump side by side on Fox News, November 9, 2016, the wee hours of the morning after the November 8, 2016, election. Caption says, “ready to work with Trump for the ‘reset'” Reset in single quotations.

Ukraine breaks the CIS Treaty in 2018 with Russia. 

Putin hands soccer ball to CIC Trump in 2018. Russia does not participate in World Cup 2022.

Pelosi, Schmumer, Schiff, and Democrats try to impeach CIC Trump over a PHONE CALL with Ukraine President Zelensky, former Actor.

Americans are ALL of a sudden mesmerized by a country 99% cannot place on a map.

ALL of a sudden Russia and Putin are “bad guys” for randomly invading a country who broke a treaty with them for one; two, once again no one can tell why Russia is bad except for simply loving drama and wanting to blame someone for something.

All throughout 2021… it was “Ukraine does NOT have Biochemical Labs.” 

Take a gander:

USA Today:


Reuters with Psaki and White House:


ABC News on March 11, 2022:


NBC Miami:







Fox News:


Department of State official Twitter:



Wikipedia Page called Ukraine Bioweapons Conspiracy Theory:


Washington Post:


And note: MANY of these are AFTER this 👇🏻

Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs for BIDEN, on CSPAN, under OATH testifying that there are Biochemical Labs in Ukraine.

Keep in mind, ole Vicky worked for Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama. Nuland was the lead U.S. point person for the Revolution of Dignity, establishing loan guarantees to Ukraine, including a $1 billion loan guarantee in 2014, and the provisions of non-lethal assistance to the Ukrainian military and border guard.

On February 4, 2014, a recording of a phone call between Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, on January 28, 2014, was published on YouTube. 

In their phone conversation, Nuland and Pyatt were having a discussion about the make up of next Ukrainian government and giving their evaluation of various Ukrainain political figures. 

Nuland told Pyatt that Arseniy Yatsenyuk would be the best candidate to become the next Prime Minister of Ukraine. (And he did in fact serve that year). 

Nuland suggested the United Nations, rather than European Union should be involved in a political solution in Kiev, saying that “So that would be great, I think, to help glue this thing and have the U.N. help glue it and you know … fuck the EU”.

2014 sure was a mighty fine year for Ukraine and the United States 🤓☠️

So, Russia is just annihilating and bombing Ukraine for no reason? 

Or just because they want their land back? 

And that requires this kind of list from YOUR taxpayer money as shown here:

Official List of Weapons “sent” to Ukraine

Nawwwwwwww. Go sell that malarkey somewhere else. 

Instead, if you flip the scenario and apply the facts…. it makes a LOT MORE SENSE of what’s been going on in the country 99% of ‘Cans didn’t know about until they were told to.

Obama wrote 3 Executive Orders for Ukraine in 2014.

VP Biden made 7 trips in 7 months to Ukraine in 2014.

In 2014, there was not a traditional election held in March. It was called a “Snap” Election in May. Where Poroshenko “won” the first round and there was not a second round. Obama congratulated him 2 days after the “election.”

Putin and CIC Trump side by side on Fox News, November 9, 2016, the wee hours of the morning after the November 8, 2016, election. Caption says, “ready to work with Trump for the ‘reset'” Reset in single quotations.

Ukraine breaks the CIS Treaty in 2018 with Russia. 

Putin hands soccer ball to CIC Trump in 2018. Russia does not participate in World Cup 2022.

Not participating in one of their most LOVED sports… 👉🏻 the soccer ball represents “The ball is in your Court Mr. President, you tell me what you want me to do.” 

CIC Trump NEVER started any wars. He got Russia to bomb these Nazi ran Biochemical Labs. They’re UNITED STATES BIO LABS… 

Which is why the Medal given to Biden is a COG 👉🏻 dog and pony show. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army fought against Nazi Germany in WWII… hence the original medal. 

The only “Ukrainians” fighting in Russia are Nazi Soldiers… defending these Biochemical Labs that the United States Criminals were funding:


Bush Jr


Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi

John Kerry

Mitt Romney 

And many more 💯

Whose kiddo was working in Ukraine? Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden:

AFTER Biden’s Under Secretary admits under Oath there ARE Biolabs in Ukraine… RINO Republican Mitt Romney, tells Tulsi Gabbard “treasonous lies may well cost lives.” Called her comments “parroting false Russian propaganda.” 

This is AFTER “Bidens” Under Secretary admits under Oath once again… you cannot make this up. 

Mitt Romney:


Nearly ALL of those Mainstream Media Articles were AFTER Biden’s Under Secretary testified UNDER OATH. And those are just a few I pulled. 

It’s all to wake up sleepy Americans. It’s to outrage Americans that these ‘adults” will say one thing and do another. They’ve been running money laundering schemes in Ukraine, a country 99% of Americans had no clue about until they were “told to care” and have NO CLUE what’s going on.

The facts do not lie. Timelines and timestamps do not lie. 

Russia is bombing the Biochemical Labs as we already have verified proof of the cities they have bombed, ALL had biochemical labs there. 

If you want to remain asleep, do so. All you do is look like America the past 30 years. Is it all petty and childish? Absolutely. 

But that’s just the point isn’t it? We must eliminate this type of politics in our government. There’s a huge difference in politics and government.

If one cannot see the problem here… it’s probably best to let ’em stay in the dark. You just cannot help some people.

It’s a Military Operation from the start. There will be an ending. 

Those who doubted all of us, they won’t admit they were wrong anyways. But I’m keeping a list of ALL the names. 

There will be a Wall of Shame. And there’s not a THING anyone can do about it. 💯☠️🇺🇸

This is a great link to read about Hunter Biden from the Senate Committee on Finance:

Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing ☠️🇺🇸

There’s much more, but I’ll stop here.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo! ❤️🎄🙏🏻

Merry Christmas!!!

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. If people are asleep it is convoluted fantasy like this that knocked them out.

    He left out, “Patriots are in control.”

    Money laundering, biological weapons being injected into Americans, traitors placed in office, Inflation out of control, country flooded with illegals, yep, patriots are in absolute total control. Wow! I wonder how bad things would be if patriots were not in control?

    Make the enemy think you are weak when you are strong.

    Well, that have the Weak part down pat. Good job.

    This kicking the can down the road is pathetic. But we are to believe it is victory in disguise.

    You know what? I don’t want any of these shitheads running the country.

  2. In GOD WE TRUST…! We pray for justice for the innocent….! Against the EVIL DOERS of this world…! GOD BLESS…!

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