Without Christmas, There Would Be No United States

Without Christmas, There Would Be No United States

As a Christian holiday, Christmas is foundational to America’s original character. It’s affected our founders’ understanding of human nature.

Meaning of Christmas

Without a doubt, Christmas is a magical time of year not just because of the appeal of peace and a guiding star, as well as decorations, light displays, and volumes of wonderful music, but specifically because it marks the birth of Jesus Christ, who came into this world as the son of God, the Messiah and savior for all who accept him. Christmas is really about internal and eternal things rather than external and temporal matters.

Many people think approaching God is impossible. For them, Christianity appears to be a religion with questionable appeal because of the perception that it is like all the other religions that require giving up certain bad habits and behaviors and performing good works in order to approach God. Surprise, surprise: Christ reminds us in Matthew 11:30 that, “My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”

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