Obama’s “half” brother wants to know…


Ask your brother and his husband.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. I stumbled onto the dark web back during the lockdowns . I saw Hunters laptop uncensored and I saw adrenochrome for sale. I sorta got thrown into rabbit holes as a result and what I horridly saw, changed me forever. True story.

  2. It can be synthesized. Epinephrine is synthesized and then you oxidize it. Any college level chemistry major could make it, without hurting a single person.

    Medically it can be used in wounds for clotting but there are hemostatic agents and tranexamic acid for that now. It’s possible it’s still manufactured. It appears from the amber look of the ampule (if real) that it has to be protected from light, much like Levophed.

    I can’t speak to any weird cult practices that might involve this substance, or its alleged harvesting from people. Maybe. But I am betting the medical grade stuff is just synthesized. It would be a lot cheaper to make that way.

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