Another Annus Horribilis coming right up!

Oh dear…

Experts play down Coronation crisis fears after royal author Anthony Holden suggested King Charles’s ceremony could be invalidated because of his 1994 affair confession

On Friday, Anthony Holden, who wrote a biography of the King, sent a letter to The Guardian newspaper arguing that any coronation was likely to be invalid.

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  1. William and Kate are better suited for the “job”—young and fresh!…ol’ Charlie should retire to the countryside…

  2. Nothing has Changed in the UK in 400 years of Crime, Sexual Misbehavior, Incest, and various High Levels of Cheating and Abuses of the People by the British Royals. Until Charles the pervert is removed, and the new generation of qualified people are chosen, this low level of Ruler will continue to flaunt their indiscretions, lies, and murders.

  3. “Charlie” might be better handled in one of those PRISON TOWERS we have read about through the ages…. since he is GUILTY on so many counts…

    1. We don’t know anything yet… haven’t seen any proof of ill-doing. And it will be interesting to watch The Palace scrambling to shut it down or put a shine to it. We’ll see.

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