Kash’s testimony to J6 Committee

Kash’s testimony to the J6 committee was released yesterday.

Just Human posted:

“Kash made an interesting point about Operation Warp Speed that is worth noting.

“Think of it this way. What if we had a vaccine in a timely fashion and President Trump shut it down. I don’t think the American public would have viewed that kindly to say the least.”

The mainstream media would have absolutely eviscerated Trump if he had come out against the vaccines just as they did whenever he spoke about Ivermectin or any other cure. It was all about stopping Trump from winning another election and implementing the Great Reset…

Trump stopped the Great Reset by forcing the other vaccine companies to push out their own vaccine quicker than they would have liked. They wanted lockdowns until everything collapsed, then vaccine passports and totalitarian control. But we avoided so much of that.

I doubt Trump can ever come out and say what he really thinks of the vaccines at this point but for me personally, I believe we dodged way more bullets than people can imagine.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. We are at war. Unfortunately, war comes with casualties. President Trump NEVER demanded anyone take the clot shot, unlike the dementia riddled Xiden.

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