Why the ball drop on New Year’s Eve?

Number of Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball designs since 1907

Weight (in pounds) of the current Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

Year “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” aired for the first time

Typical number of revelers packed into Times Square each New Year’s Eve

In the 1980s, the Times Square Ball was reconfigured into an apple.

Times Square’s New Year’s Eve confetti is all tossed by hand.

Dropping a deluge of confetti into Times Square on New Year’s Eve is no small feat; preparations for the confetti avalanche take about a year, beginning while the previous holiday’s tissue paper is still being swept up. A large part of organizing the confetti shower is recruiting crews to release the 3,000 pounds that descend on Times Square, since there are no cannons involved — instead, every piece is hand-tossed. Workers are trained in the proper way to fluff and throw the biodegradable paper scraps for maximum impact, which is timed to begin 20 seconds before midnight so that the confetti descends into the crowds below right on cue.

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  1. Another colossal waste of time and money for Hollywood elites to show off their newly sculpted faces, and other parts. A distraction for citizens to take their minds away from their families and their individual plans and hopes for the New Year and place all of their time on the current batch of losers who need constant attention. Now that we all know that Child Sexual Trafficking and related Abuses are the major past time for Hollywood elites, will we continue to have the very overpriced and very over-rated “ball drop” routine?

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