Questions for McCarthy’s (Paid) Supporters

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I am not a paid supporter but suoport him. There are a nunver of people who could be Speaker. Unlike Kevin, they have not psid their dues. He took over as Speaker duribg one of tge most difficult recent times in our history. As tge majotity leader he ztood up to Pelosi and her machine while at the same time recruited enough new people to win the House majority. Without Kevin’s leaderdhip and effiorts Pelosi would still be in charge. There is plenty of time to fix the problems. First you have to get started. The differences xan be pounded out in meetibgs and conference later. You wob the house majority because the voters casy tgeir vote with the understanding Kevin would ve our leader. We expect two things 2. He will be our leader. 2. You all will not waste our vote or valuable time and get to work. Trust me. You mess this up you will ve unemployed in two years.

  2. I wish there was a “Love” button. These are great questions! McCarthy’s opposers have been called terrorists, enemies of the state, narcissists, and other horrible names. I guess they can’t imagine the opposers are standing firm on principle. I hope they stay strong!

    1. The main one who is only capable of ad hominem attacks is the Never-Trumper Traitor RINO Crenshaw. Just because he was a Navy Seal doesn’t make him a patriot. That guy is seriously dangerous. He’s ALSO an attendee of the George Soros Open Society Forum for Young Global Leaders —- and NEVER DENIED IT or disavowed it. To make a point that that is possible Tulsi Gabbard has made statements multiple times publicly that she turned down / refused participation in the Soros group.

      As far as McCarthy is concerned his *only skill* is fundraising. It couldn’t be *more telling* that McCarthy is Frank Lutz’ roommate and he has a snake of a crooked manager handling his bid for Speaker. He flat can’t break his business-as-usual District of Criminals habits. Jordan, Gaetz, Donaldson and a couple others are more qualified and suited to take the Speakers’ seat.

      Keep this in mind … which IF ANY congressmen have made ANY EFFORT to get the J6 political prisoners their rights returned to them or get them freed from the District of Criminals Gulag? The ONLY one I am aware of is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

      There are more Uniparty members in Congress than we’d like to admit.

      The ONLY reason I can think of as to why Trump is supporting good ol’ boy Kevin is Kevin was given an ultimatum and is on a short leash. His track record sure as hell doesn’t prove anything other than he’s beholden to lobbyists.

      1. You took the words out of my mouth! I also suspect the leash Trump has on McCarthy is so short, when Trump burps, McC will stand on his hind legs. Trump knows what McC has done in the past. He’s not clean, but Trump can use that to his advantage, which is why I believe he has selected him and urges the rest to vote him in as Speaker. Add to that… the 20 members who are hard right (Gaetz, etc) will keep McC in line, and I think Trump knows that too. Trump has a plan. He ALWAYS has a plan, and there is methodology to everything he says and does. Meanwhile, I’m finding this entire vote scenario to be as educational as it is entertaining. Am I worried? Not at all. McC will either be voted in as Speaker, or he won’t. As Trump says, “Let’s see what happens.”

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