Shame if this went viral…

Let’s make sure you see the entire image. Nice pocket scarf, chief.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Trump is NOT the “central brain” of America. He showed us the same with the poisonous vaccines. First, he told us exactly what he did when he got Covid. He didn’t take the vaccine and to my knowledge, he never said he did. He trusted his “team”. I don’t think many, if any, took the vaccine poison because Trump endorsed it. Most people that are vaccinated don’t like Trump and more people took the vaccine in spite of him. Did you take the poisonous injection? If not, WHY NOT??? Let’s face it, the “blame game” is OVER if you can read and if you have a scintilla of common sense, intuition or discernment.
    McCarthy plays house with an extremely volatile and vicious Democrat lobbyist. What does that tell you? We don’t need Trump to read the “writing on the wall” for us and pissing the highest on said wall isn’t going to remove that writing, either. Unfortunately, it’s permanent and requires demolition and rebuilding, perhaps in a new location.

    1. I have the sense that Trump has McCarthy on a very short — VERY SHORT — leash. And Trump knows the Freedom Caucus (Gaetz, et al) will keep McCarthy honest… remember, it will take only 5 members to force him to vacate the speakership. The fog of war in this battle is thick, but I think I’m now able to see through it.

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