We are not surprised.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. An attack on the young men who would defend this country if attacked. Not just in the military but militia too. China is killing men of fighting age so the resources they were promised can be collected. They bought our debt to keep the gravel train running and now the train is off the track and it needs to stay derailed in order to plunder the country.

  2. This is not going to come to a good end……IF there is finally an admission that these vax are causing this situation, then the NFL will come under fire for mandating these. Because the majority of these were EUA and not approved (mostly because data was hidden), then the insurance companies may have grounds to DENY claims, because those who were vax’d accepted it as experimental…. and death / injury is not covered under these conditions. Then what? Sue the NFL who issued the mandate? This will make lawyers rich, and meanwhile people will continue to die…..because they lined-up like sheep to get in the cattle cars.

    1. Dr Sherry Tenpenny spoke about this early on before many others back in 2021. She said sadly many more will die a year or more later. She also discusses transmission of the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. (Also known as shedding). She makes good points about that but I haven’t bought into it yet. My husband, mother & sister had the vaccine & boosters. My sister died last April.

      I was not vaccinated and they have not believed many things I have talked to them about. Now I rarely mention what I believe to be truth for them giving me the look 👀.

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