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  1. There is only one winning solution. Elect Kevin. Otherwise we will spend the next two years trying to elect a Speaker. He does not have to withdraw. The rest are throwing “shit” at the wall and hoping it will stick. This is a no brainer. Let’s get to work.

    1. “There is only one winning solution”….yeah, if you’re a loser. If you like making expensive bargains that are sure to affect millions of lives that aren’t your own.
      Every GOP Congress person has the RIGHT to vote their conscience and make an act of pure FREE WILL. It looks like the sleaze Kevin McCarthy isn’t going anywhere, even when he publicly says he’s willing to make deals with the Dems to get his way. There is no “I” in TEAM and there is NO KEVIN McCARTHY as Speaker of the House.
      Kevin has too many secrets and makes the GOP House that much MORE VULNERABLE by trying to ram his way through. His “glass house” with expensive cigar film on the windows is about to crash and fall, like so many liars and deceivers.
      If you believe he earned it than why has he been as quiet as a church mouse while holding “his” place under Nancy Pelosi’s heel?

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