Meet DC Draino

OMG. Rogan O’Handley (DC Draino) is killing it.

WAIT MCCARTHY MIGHT ACTUALLY… Just kidding he already lost his 10th vote in a row and we barely started roll call Maybe he should call his buddy Zelensky for tips to get things through the US Congress?

And just like that, the RINOs stopped calling fellow Republicans “legislative terrorists” Amazing what a Tucker monologue can do to clean up corruption

Anyone upset at the “chaos” Anyone upset at the delays Anyone upset that House investigations haven’t started Anyone upset that purely symbolic bills (that will die in the Senate) haven’t been passed You have ONE obstructionist to blame and that is Kieven Ukarthy


If Kieven Ukarthy stepped aside, we’d elect a Speaker in fewer than 3 rounds Anyone upset with the delay knows where to put the blame

At this point, why would anyone want a Speaker that’s this bad at closing a deal? Kieven Ukarthy lacks the most foundational skill required of being Speaker

“But Kevin McCarthy brings in hundreds of millions in donations!” Yeah and he really screwed up in the midterms so maybe we should stop entrusting him with that role

By Radiopatriot

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