Let’s not leave out these gems.

Let’s dip our laden into more of Rogan “DC Draino” O’Handley’s comments on Twitter.

Motion to Adjourn Kevin McCarthy from the entire Speaker’s race All in favor?

11 voting rounds 11 losses I don’t even need to write his name b/c you know who I’m talking about

Who wants President Trump elected Speaker so he can conduct the J6 investigations and expose Nancy Pelosi on the national stage?

No matter who gets elected Speaker, this has been a massive moral victory for MAGA voters They sent a shot across the Establishment bow that we will not bend a knee to their will Ronna is now on edge McConnell is now on notice And We the People are just getting started

If Trump could win the 2016 race against 17 primary opponents and starting at less than 5% in the polls, then we can certainly defeat a guy that rocks a Ukraine flag pin

Friendly reminder that a man with a Ukraine flag pin who has never won a vote for Speaker is occupying the Speaker’s Office for a 2nd night

They called them “legislative terrorists” & “enemies” on national tv Threatened to throw them off committees Promised an “endless war” of funding to stop them No I’m not talking about Left-wing radicals These are the actions of RINOs upset that true Patriots dare defy them

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  1. So very true! The likes of people like Dan Crenshaw are the terrorists. They hate AMERICA! McConnell also hates AMERICA AND WE THE PEOPLE!

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