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  1. He can be Speaker before he gets back in the Oval Office. It will save some time Cleo the mess.
    Why don’t I like this woman?

  2. Trump NEVER said (in his Nov 15) speech that he was running for President IN 2024. He said he was announcing his candidacy for President. (Never mentioned 2024… doubt on purpose. Speech was ‘purposefully’ misleading; he never says/does anything without it being well thought out/pre-planned.) I’ve heard him say in interviews that “2024” will be too late for our country”.

  3. We must realize that DJT knows that there is absolutely NO way that he would be voted in as Speaker. NO way!

    Would a couple hundred RINOs flip toward DJT?

    That’s right, I think not.

    So there must be a method to his madness of support for McCarthy.

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