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Why did Mueller meet POTUS 1-day prior to FBI announcement if Mueller COULD NOT be offered director due to prev term limits rule? THEORY: Pres. Trump was interviewing Mueller to be his special prosecutor as he promised on the campaign trail.  

SCREENSHOT: Robert Mueller was a former Special Prosecutor who worked on complex financial fraud cases with UK Intelligence’s Special Crimes / Major Crimes Unit. He worked on tracking international money laundering, specifically targeting the Chinese Pay to Play crimes in the 1990s 
Why is Pelosi begging for a new special counsel? She finally realized that she is in deep trouble because Mueller isn’t “their guy” and the inquiry is beginning to touch on areas in which she and others may be implicated in very serious crimes.  

Pelosi and Frank were 4 of the largest money laundering conduits for the 2001-2008 subprime scandal, Pelosi also has been under investigation for major green card fraud, most of which was sponsored by major tech / DARPA backed tech oligarchs 
What is Pelosi’s net worth? $120 Million 
How was this obtained given salary as career official? 22 years of corruption. Just one action: She steered over $1 Billion in subsidies to a light rail project benefiting a Democratic donor. Pelosi’s husband was a major investor in his company. 
Why is Pelosi’s memory going? A trick used to hope that they won’t prosecute her or use it as a defense.  

non compos mentis (not mentally capable) Pelosi suffers brain freeze while questioning Trump’s fitness to be President 
Could it protect against prosecution? -Though not typically a defense by itself, amnesia or dementia is a factor courts can consider when determining whether someone is competent to stand trial (Mental fitness) -Yes; Mental Ability plea. You cant punish a invalid or mental insane case.  

non compos mentis (not mentally capable) 
What is the Mayo Clinic? According to wiki, The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group based in Rochester, Minnesota. It employs more than 4,500 physicians and scientists and 57,100 allied health staff. The practice specializes in treating difficult cases through tertiary care. It spends over $660 million a year on research. However, some speculate it may participate in organ harvesting.  

A VIP hospital who works on Heads of State and anyone who can pay for a surgery which may not be legal under medical insurance / surgeon boards. This is important when working on foreign heads of state who may be legally not allowed to enter the USA.Add: Doc here, the Mayo clinic is revered as the world ‘center’ of surgical excellence. If you are a foreign billionaire this is where you would pay to go. 
Who sits on the BOD there? Barbara Bush, Dick Cheney, Cokie Roberts, Jeffery W Bolton, Eric Schmidt, Walter Mondale, Ursula Burns (direct Obama connection), Alan Mulally (direct Obama connection) 
What if John M’s surgery was fake? If fake, he’s setting himself up to avoid prosecution and/or testifying anywhere.  

Yes, without question. John is still working great on the Intelligence Committee. -Doc here.. I am not a neurosurgeon but his rapid recovery suggests that he didn’t actually have anything significant done. As this trick applies to Pelosi, claim memory loss, dementia etc so they can’t testify. 
Why would this occur? In order to preclude criminal culpability in court, i.e., Mental fitness issue  

NB – As Criminal Scandals Implicating McCain Unfold ‘Declining’ Health Has Become an Off-Broadway Production 
What could this prevent potentially? Prosecution  

Jon would either be forced to admit the Congressional Intelligence Committee is compromised and by extension the CIA/NSA/FBI/DNI/NRO were also compromised since 1991 (which would have explained the large layoffs and retribution for the success in Yugoslavia by Russian/Chinese actors) or commit perjury. 
SUMMARY Obama traveled in advance of POTUS to foreign locations. Focus on the power of POTUS as it relates to the Marines. Military Intel can be applied to prosecute bad actors and avoid corrupt agencies and judges. Mueller met POTUS 1 day prior to FBI announcement, but COULD NOT be offered director due to prev term limits rule. Pelosi is begging for a new special counsel. Look at Pelosi’s net worth. This couldn’t be obtained given salary as career official. Pelosi’s memory is going. It could protect against prosecution. Look at the Mayo Clinic. The Board of Directors are corrupt. John M’s surgery was fake. This could prevent prosecution.

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