US Air Traffic etc.

If this is true couldn’t this make the military be forced to move in so to speak??

The choice they have in a Military Tribunal when found guilty of TREASON or crimes against Humanity is hanging, firing squad,  lethal injection.

Military Tribunals are conducted nothing like a civilian court. If you are before one, know that they have everything that proves your guilt, it’s presented to you, all that is needed is for the 3 member panel of judges (Military officers) to pronounce your sentence. No more deals at that time.

Has hell frozen over? Even leftist rag The Daily Beast calls it “blatantly corrupt” that the White House and DOJ withheld the Biden classified documents story from the public until after the midterms 🫢

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I was driving in the Charlotte and SC area this morning and the chem trail planes were hard at work. Just sayin.

  2. Buttigieg couldn’t deliver a pizza on time. And if anyone thinks the CCP didn’t make copious notes… have a major issue identifying reality

  3. Maria Bartiloma is going to the WEF conference this month. What does that say about her? I didn’t notice anyone else from Fox. But, I may have missed some names as the list was long,

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