Where were Joe’s secret docs found?

Who found them? When?

Devin Nunes discusses the newly discovered classified documents that Biden was hiding and that Biden’s DOJ knew about this before the 2022 election. 

“Whatever they accuse you of doing, they’re doing themselves.” 

He went on to explain that China has given at least $61 million to the University of Pennsylvania which is a “staggering amount of money… it’s impossible that the FBI didn’t know about it.”

These people are so screwed.

🇺🇸Trump called it in October 2020. He said Penn has already taken $70 million in donations from China. It just so happens Joe Biden is a fake professor at Penn. Most of the Chinese donations were made after they announced the Penn Biden Center for Global Outreach 

This is the first office location Biden kept classified files. Did China buy access?


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