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January 11, 2023

Yes, Huber was a Special Prosecutor instead of Special Counsel just so he could operate outside of DC where the jury pool is biased and you can’t get a conviction.

I think Durham is just the show for the population and his role isn’t to try and get convictions but rather to destroy the enemies defenses and set up the massive RICO case that’s coming.

He’s purposely only trying people for lying, saving the real charges for later.

But unless the political landscape changes, how is he going to get any convictions?

January 11, 2023

It was very interesting that last night the news including local news were all talking about Biden having classified documents he shouldn’t have had and wouldn’t answer questions about it either.

The storm is beginning my friends.

The media will be used against the enemy.

January 12, 2023

With the speed in which the House is moving on things, we might see Biden impeached by springtime!😁😁

Lion One Metals is set to become the premier high grade gold producer in Fiji at its 100% owned and fully permitted Tuvatu Alkaline Gold Project

My favorite is Lion One Metals LOMLF

And full disclosure, I own it and have for awhile with no intention of selling.


It is dirt cheap. You don’t have to have a lot of money to own some of it and it might be one of the most undervalued mining stocks in the world with amazing upside.

I do think it will be one of the best mining stocks of 2023 but I am definitely biased.

I also like IAG

But I’ve owned it since it was down near a dollar. No plan on selling it either but it’s had a great run so sue for a pullback. But every time it pulls back it seems to be temporary then goes higher.

AG is always one of my favorites.

To be honest, I haven’t really looked at the charts of any other mining stocks cause I’m just kind of keeping an eye on the ones I’m in.

All just my opinion though.

Red.Pill.Pharmacist ☆☆☆

Scavino just reposted this classic 🇺🇸🫡

January 14, 2023


January 14, 2023

True but I see us in a state of war and no way Trump allowed a treasonous puppet to actually become president.

What if Trump as an act of war, set aside the election?

What if we are watching a guy playing pretend president?

January 15, 2023

Trump declassified everything.

Trump is not under criminal investigation and never has been.

The Mar A Lago raid which wasn’t a raid, was a handoff of evidence against Obama, Biden and Hillary.

January 15, 2023


Biden I believe will be impeached but the Senate under Schumer is not going to vote to remove him.

The election fraud of 2020 is what will get him removed in my opinion.

January 15, 2023

We don’t know the timing of things or the details.

We’re only guessing.

It’s more about events happening first than timing.

January 16, 2023

It’s happening!

Q told us 

Gold shall destroy FED

It’s NOT the Federal Reserve.

Trump controls the Federal Reserve and it’s bankrupting the global debt system.


Foreign Exchange Department 

for commercial banks

Swiss central bank (Rothschilds) going bankrupt.

January 17, 2023

Nobody is wishing that on anybody.

I’m describing what I’m seeing happening.

We can pretend it isn’t and then be shocked when it does or be informed and prepare.

I’ve been here warning people for over two years now.

Are we supposed to just stay in this debt system, where we are all debt slaves to a global cabal that controls the entire world’s money supply and be happy that our money is being devalued before our eyes while the puppets of this same cabal get richer while we all keep getting poorer?

No thanks.

I want freedom financially and real money that doesn’t lose value when the crooked banksters decide to print money to give it to their puppets on Wall Street for decades.

I want to live in a free society where we aren’t paying for 32 trillion in debt that crooked politicians have been laundering into their own pockets.

I want to live in a free society where there is no longer a federal income tax to pay the debt to the Rothschilds who control the world.

I also want a new currency that purchases more and doesn’t require two earners in order to survive.

That’s what I’m actually hoping for and I also believe it’s coming.

Will there be pain?

Of course.


Because too many people are still comfortable being debt slaves and need to be brought to the precipice to actually want a permanent change.

That’s coming too in my opinion.

January 17, 2023

Let me encourage you Maggie.

I have grandkids too. I also worry about my kids.

If you and I don’t walk through this tough period now it will be a thousand times worse for them, believe me.

There will be “temporary” pain but I would rather it fall now then ten or twenty years from now and instead of recession it’s a depression.

On the other side of this we are going to experience true financial freedom.

Most people have no clue what that will be like but I’m telling you, right now we have chains on us and Trump is going to rip those chains off of us and our grandkids won’t know what being a debt slave even is anymore.

January 17, 2023

Here’s what you and everyone needs to understand Debblynn, and it’s a hard thing to accept. It’s not your money.

All of our money belongs to the Rothschilds.

They are lending it to us. It’s not ours which is why they can tax it or confiscate it if they want to.

Look at a dollar.

It says right on it…

Federal Reserve Note

It’s a fiat currency that the Federal Reserve, which is owned and controlled by the Rothschilds, lends to our government.

Our government does not own our currency.

We borrow it and pay interest on it.

We have 32 trillion in debt and are about to raise the debt ceiling so we can borrow more just so we can make interest payments.

We aren’t paying down the principal at all.

At some point we go bankrupt if we keep doing this.

None of it will ever be paid back.

Instead of our country going bankrupt like they did to Venezuela, Trump is going to bankrupt and remove the central banks.

By Radiopatriot

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