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“No doubt the Deep State wants Biden gone. 

“He has failed as a President and as a leader for [them].

“It’s been disaster after disaster after disaster. They are too numerous to list.

“However, I don’t think the Special Counsels, any of the three that are running, are by [their] design. I think [they] are just hoping to use the most recent one, Hur, as a vehicle to get Biden out the door so that one of [their] own can turn things around. 

“That’s right, I think Biden is no longer [theirs].

“And I don’t believe trying to force him out will work, not quickly anyway. 

“Before he exits, whether via resignation, the 25th or perhaps even the 2024 election, I think he is going to do as much damage to the D Party as possible.

I think we are witnessing a series of counter strikes being setup and landed. 

That’s what this Biden docs scandal is: a devastating counter strike. 

Trump set them up with his own bogus document scandal, which was really just a transfer of evidence from Trump to DOJ, which Trump and team orchestrated in the first place. 

The setup worked beautifully: Precedents set, templates cut, narratives deployed.

And now the boomerang, the counter punch: The Biden White House caught in an even bigger, and criminal, document scandal of its own. 

[Their] response is to pivot to pushing Biden out so that Kamala can get in, which means they are turning on Biden. 


Normies, Moderates, what converts may be had from the Left… they were never going to listen to criticisms of Biden that originated from Trump, ConInc, anons, or anyone they perceived to be biased Right.

But they will listen to the MSM and people they perceive to be biased Left.

Convincing people in the middle and left politically to drop Biden will necessarily detailing Biden’s offenses to them.

And Bidens crimes, they are prototypical Swamp crimes, prototypical Deep State crimes. 

See where this is going? 

Got popcorn?

–Kyle, “Just Human” on Telegram

Is she imitating Obama?

Here it is. Listen to the cadence of speech and watch the hand gestures. It’s all Obama. She’s being coached. She’s being primed. 

You have to see this. 

Kamala omits Americans’ right to “life” from Declaration of Independence during abortion speech

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Biden has not been a failure as a president. He has done exactly as they wished. Cacklehead could not have done it.

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