So what is Trump really up to with this Truth?

BREAKING 🚨Classified documents found at Mike Pence’s Indiana home.


Muir: “Did you take any classified documents with you from the white house?”

Pence: “I did not.”

Muir: “Do you see any reason for anyone to take classified docs from the White House.”

Pence: “There would be no reason.”

“A lawyer for former Vice President Mike Pence discovered about a dozen documents marked as classified at Pence’s Indiana home last week, and he has turned those classified records over to the FBI…”

Now what would motivate Pence’s lawyers to “randomly” be actively searching in the first place? Is this also tied to the Hunter Biden -> Ukraine investigation? Remember THIS?!


4 days after Mar A Lago was raided, the Obama Presidential Library sent out a press release about Obama’s unclassified records being moved from the Obama Library to the National Archives in 2017. It also mentions the storage of Obama classified records at NARA.

If I were a betting man, I’d say Obama also had classified docs in his library and had those moved to NARA to shelter himself. Remember this Q drop?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. ****It’s up to you if you post or not. This may contain something you aren’t comfortable with. If you have to see Michael Jaco’s video yesterday. He says he is done. ****

    Pence is an innocent man? What do I do with that after having read of many things he has done? Not going into specifics but some very bad things.

    Is this another one of those to use as a distraction? Our minds have to change on a dime to try to accept what is the truth.

    On another note yesterday Michael Jaco was very upset that Trump is still backing the jab. Given all that we now know. It truly is confusing. Those of us who thought were awake & trying to keep up ate finding it difficult to support this person or another.

    Amazing seeing and hearing SGAnon with Scott McKay today. I hope it gets a lot of hits.

    1. Trump is not backing the jab. Kyle at Just Human explained — and played a clip — of Trump himself specifically saying early on that he was not advocating the jab. Michael Jaco is misinformed.

      I too had my doubts about Mike Pence, especially when the “news” came out that Pence had some unsavory things in his closet. But I have changed my mind about those rumors and innuendoes because Pence worked with the white hats in what Acting Defense Director Chris Miller said was the most complicated military operation he’d ever been in, and publicly thanked Mike Pence for his contributions and guidance.

      So… who are you going to believe? I choose to look at who Pence has been associated with and what THEY say about him, and go from there. So it’s not changing on a dime when you know what has taken place.

      You might learn more listening to Just Human’s podcasts and read his substacks. He’s also writing at Twitter, TRUTH Social, and Telegram. I find him to be among the top five most credible analysts/researchers/ and former anons on the topic of what’s unfolding before us..

  2. I’m a pessimist–from Indiana (a happy one though)! 😁 Trying to ingest the last two+ years of reading, watching, and listening with discernment HAS been mind boggling to say the least…”40,000 ft. view”…(Q posts, kayfabe, precedence, black hats/white hats, optics etc.) I’m not in control of any information or time line be it earthly or in the spiritual realm–neither is anyone else–but I understand “enough is enough”, and someone needs a one-way trip to the woodshed.
    As for Pence, many see him as a traitor (2020 election), and now secret docs…
    I reserve any condemnation of Pence until there’s a reveal…kayfabe, precedence, black hats/white hats, optics, deception…well, you know.
    However, If we truly are fighting a battle of good vs evil (the depth to the likes we’ve never seen before)–that could take awhile–evil has no timeline.
    I continually pray and ask God to give me discernment and guidance in seeking the truth.
    “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”
    “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” (Sun Tzu; The Art of War)

    **I agree…Michael Jaco needs to listen to Kyle/Just Human & Burning Bright show Defected–enlightening.

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