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“The President also has full and direct control of the United States Marines, via Marine Law of 1834, as it reads: “can be used for other duties as the President may direct…”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when she said on mainstream news in January 2021, after the FBI setup “insurrection,” she was putting National Guard troops in D.C. for the ‘protection of the “Inauguration.”

Since when does the Speaker of the House hold Military rank?

Do you really believe Generals take orders from a House Representative? LOL

Nancy Pelosi, March 9th, 2021:

A LOT of Optics in this video.

Onethe date. March 9th, 2021, “Pelosi” is still talking about the National Guard in the District of Columbia staying as long as needed.

Why would we need 35,000 plus troops in D.C.?

Two, the ‘security folks’… The only person who can activate the National Guard and give them order is the PRESIDENT.

Generals take orders from the Commander-in-Chief. There’s a ranking system for a reason.

Three, “but I’m not in a position to respond to that.” No, no she’s not. She should not even be in a Press Conference addressing ANY of this.

“The crimes and evidence will be displayed in public to the world and they will be punished in full accordance to the law.”

Four, National Security expertise”… LOL The #1 role of the President is National Security… This is a line where they use reverse psychology and use words of our Government out of context.

Every single Executive Order, Emergency issued, and Military activation ALL prior to January 6 was DUE to NATIONAL SECURITY

Five, “but I have enormous respect for General…” Who did the General take his orders from?

If a General goes against his Commander-in-Chief, that’s a violation of the the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Constitution via U.S. Codes.

On January 20th, 2021, the mainstream media told you “Trump stepped down.” He did no such thing. The mainstream media completely avoided Law and Order from January 20, 2017, to Nov 3, 2020.”

By Radiopatriot

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