Who wrote this???

I’d like to know. I’m eyeball deep in it. Very similar to Jon Herold’s Devolution series, but easier to understand, or maybe that’s just me after becoming acquainted with “Patel Patriot” Jon’s version.

In any case, this history lesson / analysis fits like a silk glove.

“The night of the Election, November 3, 2020, counting was intentionally stopped with plenty of hours left to finish the count.

Around 4 AM on November 4, 2020, fraudulent votes were delivered to key counting locations in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Military has this well documented and were tracking live time with all of the intelligence agencies tracking all over the world.

Those ‘made-to-order’ ballots pushed Biden over the top. He was “declared” the “winner.”

Which goes back to the General’s tweet… as the Military was watching the fraudulent voting… Election infrastructure was absorbed into critical infrastructure as a part of the Dept. of Homeland Security in 2017. The Military discovered evidence that an enemy government assisted domestic agents with stealing the election…and that discovery triggered the PEAD.

THIS is the PEAD that – for all intents and purposes – activated devolution.”

By Radiopatriot

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