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“On Election Day, November 3, 2020, 4-Star General Nakasone tweeted: “as tens of millions of people head to the polls, @US_CyberCom and @NSAgov teams around the world are fully engaged, working hard with our partners to defend our elections. We took what we learned from 2018, and brought it to an entirely new level for #elections2020.”

US_CyberCom = United States Cyber Command NSA = National Security Agency

Took” = past tense for that present day.
Around the world” = Why do we need teams around the world for the Election in the U.S.?

Who was the President in 2018?
When was the independent Space Force established? When was the Quantum Information System established? Remember “Russia Collusion” which was all a lie and scam? Remember the fake Russian Dossier?”

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