American Airline Pilot Has Heart Attack Six Minutes After Landing

An airline pilot who suffered a heart attack weeks after his coronavirus vaccination says the FAA does not want to hear about the incident.

  By Jack Davis  February 1, 2023 News 

American Airlines pilot Bob Snow, who last year suffered a heart attack minutes after landing a plane at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, lashed out Tuesday at Federal Aviation Administration officials for imposing the vaccine mandate.

During an appearance on the Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Snow said despite vast publicity over the April incident that came after landing a plane with 200 passengers aboard, the FAA has never been in touch.

Snow said, since he got home last year, ”I have had no contact whatsoever from anyone either with the FAA or with the company to query me or to investigate exactly what happened to me in regards to the cardiac arrest that I experienced while I was in the flight deck.”

Snow said he believes the FAA was in violation of its own rules by pushing the coronavirus vaccines on pilots while they were still under emergency use authorization, noting the pilots cannot participate in drug trials.


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Snow said it was “unconscionable” that pilots were forced to be vaccinated, saying that they were “treated as giant guinea pigs.”

He continued by stating that the FAA “basically abrogated their responsibility to look after our safety by forcing us to undergo this vaccination program.”

“Then their only response is to loosen the requirements for heart ailments in pilots,” Carlson added, referring to a recent FAA ruling to widen the allowable guidelines for a heart ailment when pilots get their checkups.

“I’ve been contacted by pilots that have had issues post-vaccine. I’m well aware of one of my former co-workers who unfortunately passed away as a consequence of receiving the vaccine, and this is something that it’s going to take a long-term investigation to figure out,” he said.

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Snow said it is unclear as yet “what sort of debilitating issues” are being suffered  “as a result of this foolhardy vaccination program that was forced upon Americans and the worldwide population you know; this jab for job idea that folks came up with in management and in the FAA,” he said, later adding that, “Biden’s vaccine mandate is absolutely unconscionable.”

Snow was among four pilots and an air traffic controller who suffered adverse health events after being vaccinated cited by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin in a letter to the FAA after it widened the allowable parameters when pilots were screened for a heart condition that could impact their flying ability.

“What steps has FAA taken or will FAA take to investigate whether Cody Flint, Hayley Lopez, Greg Pierson, Bob Snow, Wil Wolfe, and other pilots experienced COVID-19 vaccine adverse events?” Johnson said.

In the letter, Johnson said, “It remains unclear what, if anything, the FAA has done as it relates to these individuals’ experiences or if it is actively monitoring COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in the aviation industry.”

Snow last year told the Epoch Times that he had little choice in the matter, saying pilots “were told that if we did not receive the vaccination we would be terminated. There was no question as to the sincerity at that time of their statement.”

“I had serious questions as to the safety and the efficiency and the effectiveness of the vaccine,” he said.

After being vaccinated in the fall of 2021, he experienced unusual pains in January 2022.

Then came the flight where he was stricken.

“We had been on the gate just a few minutes after shutting the aircraft down, probably about six minutes, six, seven minutes after touchdown. And I stood up to collect my bags to proceed to the next aircraft. We were to finish up with another turn to a different city to come back and then finish the trip on day four. And that’s the last I remember, standing up collecting my luggage,” he said.

“And at that point, witnesses say I collapsed in the flight deck. And that’s all I know at this point,” Snow continued.

“The thing that concerns me, is [that] this happened in the right place at the right time. Because if it had happened … any other time where I was either alone or beyond reasonable response time for a medical response, I wouldn’t be here having this conversation.”

Jack Davis is a freelance writer who joined The Western Journal in July 2015 and chronicled the campaign that saw President Donald Trump elected. Since then, he has written extensively for The Western Journal on the Trump administration as well as foreign policy and military issues.

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  1. Airline Pilots in the US are a large section of the Most Highly Regarded and Respected Professionals in the Country! How can this Fraudulent Travesty Still be ongoing, with no sanctions against the CDC, and Medical Governmental Agencies who are still forcing pilots anad others to take an Experimental Drug while operating an aircraft or other very complex machine with hundreds of American citizens aboard! Many thanks to Bob Snow of American Airlines for voicing his ongoing ordeal after suffering a Heart Attack! All of the passengers in his airplace could have been killed that day! What is his prognosis now after that heart attack? What are the chances of a repeat attack? These companies have absolutely NO thought of follow up or help for the affected citizens? This is Very Very Wrong.

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