Hooked up?

Why does it look like the bandage goes right around the back? 🤔

Looks as if there is a wire under the bandage that is running down

 (It’s) back.  Obama telling him what to say?

“That looks like either a bandage covering an ear piece wire 🤔 or he was straight up main lined into his brain with a IV drip!!!!😳”

Hunter Biden was raised by a pack of wild dogs – Bannon

By Radiopatriot

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  1. AMAZING. WHAT are they hiding now? The CRAZY never ends with this group of Control Freaks. These folks are beyond dumb. Why set him up for photos? The all need to be hauled into a PsychoTherapy Ward for unlimited diagnoses of NO BRAIN FUNCTION. Includes the Obamas, and all of the Clintons, now almost 3 generations of them. Soros can pretend he’s the Great Grand Corn POP of both Clans… uh, Klans?

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