The case against the jab

Robin Koerner: The Case Against The Vaccine Has Become Apparent With Time As The Real Data Rolls Out

Like many other commentators, and based on his own analysis of evidence available to him, he opted to take the Covid “vaccine.” 

How the “Unvaccinated” Got It Right ⋆ Brownstone Institute

The argument that reduced transmission from the non-vulnerable to the vulnerable as a result of mass “vaccination” could only stand if the long-term safety of the “vaccine” had been established, which it had not.

Jeffrey Tucker

By Radiopatriot

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  1. So. Robin Koerner, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? NOTHING this mans says makes one Kernal of Sense. He TOOK THE JABS! I rest my case of his being unable to respond to the question OR to any question. DUH.

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