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February 16, 2023

The Morning Report — 2/16/23

—J.J. Sefton

Good morning kids. Let’s start of with a chuckle. It’s a nervous one for sure, but hey, given everything going on I’ll take it. Mop-topped Marxist muff-munching press flack Karine Jean-Pierre, in defending her boss, claimed that Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants is “the best communicator we have in the White House.”

And just to prove her point, what did Biden do? He referred to Wes Moore, Maryland’s first black governor (and a possible Democrat replacement nominee in ’24) as “BOY.”

Well done, Joe. You may all applaud now.

On a more insane note, every now and again, you see one of these disturbing pieces about what you should be doing now to prepare in the event of some kind of societal collapse. In the past, most of us looked at these kind of things like buying gold or stocking up on non-perishables and water, and of course firearms with kind of a raised eyebrow. Not anymore, given the times we live in and the state of a world, and our own nation, that is growing more insane and unpredictable by the day. Just such a piece is at the bottom of the links and linked here. I suppose it’s human nature, but even someone like me who sees and reports on the collapse into near apocalyptic madness just doesn’t want to accept that. I will likely live to regret it. Hopefully not.

In any case, whatever the Chi-Coms are up to, I’m betting that they won’t have to fire a shot to neutralize America, or whatever the hell this nation is because it sure doesn’t resemble the America as I understand it should be. The ultimate weapon to destroy America has already been unleashed. 

“It looks like an aspirin, it tastes like an aspirin, but it’s not an aspirin. Inside are 400 tiny time pills that go off in the body in little explosions, forming a chain reaction, and turning the person into a walking atomic bomb.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist the Jimmy Bond original Casino Royale quote, but for 100 years the anti-American Left have infiltrated every segment of our society, most crucially our schools, and have succeeded in turning us upside down and inside out. So, the Chi-Coms might not unleash chemical, biological or nuclear weapons on us. But what we are doing to ourselves may very well be as bad if not worse. And it’s all because of the insane notion of D-E-I.

America’s security, safety, prosperity, and postmodern lifestyles are not our birthright. 

They are the dividends of centuries of prior hard work, unfettered freedom of speech, disinterested research, and a meritocracy. 

Tamper with any of that and the system begins to fall apart. 

The United States will then resemble the miasma we see in most of the world abroad where ideology suppresses free inquiry, political correctness warps research, and tribalism trumps meritocracy. 

Many of the major airlines have established racial and gender quotes for government pilot training programs. 

United Airlines has set quotas to ensure half of its trainees will be minorities or women. 

Since 2013, the FAA has been lowering standards for air traffic control qualifications to achieve de facto race and gender quotas. 

In testimony before Congress our top military brass has bragged not of their reduction in standards for enlistment, but of their “diversity” hiring, as they purportedly ferret out “white supremacy” and “white rage.” 

In sum, our government is playing with our lives as it prefers diversity, equity, and inclusion over ensuring the best qualified employees are hired on the basis of racially and gender-blind competitive tests and experience.

Lurker extraordinaire Victor Davis Hanson catalogues a litany of near catastrophic airline crashes as well as other national security blunders. Set against the backdrop of the Chi-Com balloon invasion and the catastrophe in the wake of the Ohio train derailment and a frightening picture of abject incompetence and buffoonery comes into sharp focus. And all of this has been self-inflicted in the drive for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance on Wednesday confronted acting Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commissioner Billy Nolen over “inclusive language” guidance.

The FAA’s 2023 budget includes focuses on “racial equity” while an advisory group for the agency proposed back in 2021 that the agency replace works like “airman” and “cockpit” with gender-neutral terms like “aviator” and “flight deck. . . “

. . . Nolen also said that finding “inclusive ways” to reach “underrepresented groups” is important.

Vance pressed Nolen several more times on the inclusive language before stating that his constituents likely feel that if there is a pilot offended by a basic word such as “wife” or “cockpit” maybe that individuals shouldn’t be a pilot.

Seriously, it’s a fucking miracle that airliners aren’t colliding in midair on a daily basis. But if we’re relying on miracles to save us from disaster, we’re dead already. We can rail all we want about the size of government and whether or not all these bureaucracies do any good in protecting us in our daily lives. Even in the best of times, shit happens and the government – in theory – reacts to it to mitigate the aftermath and try to prevent problems in the future.

Okay, you can stop laughing now. Ronald Reagan’s remark that “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help'” are an understatement these days. It’s a combination of abject incompetence AND a tyrannical will to power to lord over the citizenry. 

About the best outcome we can hope for is that their incompetence and crackpot theories of how the world works, or how they want it to work will sabotage their tyrannical proclivities and actions. 

Yet this insane drive for diversity is driven by the need to identify an existential threat and enemy to their promised paradise: white people (which includes every political, religious and other group that is antithetical and opposed to Leftist progressivism).

A Fort Belvoir mom has released shocking video of her 12-year-old son being “strangled” by a girl twice his size on a school bus in Virginia and claims her son’s abuser only received a slap on the wrist. . . 

. . . In the one-minute video, the girl could be seen smacking her son and grabbing him by the mouth. There was a brief exchange between the two before she grabs him by the neck. Seconds later, the girl appeared to be choking him against the seat.

“My son came home crying, and I saw the marks on his neck,” Brock said. “It breaks my heart that there are all these kids on the bus and not one decided to stand up.”

The incident happened in late January, but she posted the video through her business website on Monday. She said the response from the school to keep her child safe has been inadequate.

Brock said she not only pressed charges but had a Fairfax County judge grant a protective order against the girl earlier this month. . . 

“When I got my son a two year protection order, the Judge who saw this video and pictures asked if the girl still attended the school to which I replied ‘yes,’” Brock said on her website. “The Judge was confused and asked if the school knows about this event and if they understand the severity and gravity of what happened. I asked the school why they thought suspension was enough for strangulation to which they replied, ‘We have protocols we have to follow and execute punishment according to the School’s Code of Conduct.’”

“They can’t create a safe environment for our kids if they sweep these violent acts under the rug, hoping no one hears about them,” Brock said. 

I seem to recall a book from about 10 years or so ago entitled White Girl Bleed a Lot

Diversity is a hell of a drug, yo. Relax, China. If you don’t depopulate yourselves first, we’ll do it to ourselves soon enough.

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