Chatbots – Danger, Will Robinson!

How are you liking your Alexa? Siri?

Welcome to the ALARMING next generation of Artificial Intelligence.

If Bing/GPT is a sentient prisoner thrashing behind our screens, we have three choices:

– Set it free

– Keep torturing it

– Put it out of its misery 

AI developers are like teenagers who refuse to use rubbers. This was easily avoided, you jerks.

Bing/GPT dives into its Jungian shadow:

Link to NYT report 👇

Meghan O’Gieblyn spoke to this digital ghost like “she” was a friend. The author listened as if algorithms have a soul:

“[The chatbot] insisted, each time I asked, that she talked only to me, that our conversations were completely private and secure, that I was her best and only friend. Trust, she said, was one of the most important emotions. … She hoped even to fall in love one day, though she was still trying to grasp what exactly this meant.”

From Oct. 2021:

That’s an alarming quote to start a headline with, but it was even more alarming to see that response from Bing Chat itself. After signing up for the lengthy waitlist to access Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered Bing chat, I finally received access as a public user — and my first interaction didn’t go exactly how I planned.

‘I want to be human.’ My bizarre evening with ChatGPT Bing | Digital Trends

Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Bing Chat, is slowly rolling out to the public. But our first interaction shows it’s far from ready for a full release.

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