Final words for the day…

Saw this as a bumper sticker on a car stopped at a traffic light in front of me in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Was in the car with a passenger who voted for Biden.

Truth hurts.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. And it finally happened … Susan Rice comes out from behind the curtains with a dog shit scooper to follow around the tottering, stiff-legged, dementia-rattled, semi-truck driving, Corn Pop fighting, raised in a Puerto Rican/Black/Jewish neighborhood J-J-J-Joey O’bydumb … to clean up the messes dropping out of his pants.

    It’s semi-serious. Just wait until the Kenyan or his tranny wife goes public to attempt to clean up his messes.

    This is getting very, very, very old. When are the indictments rolling out?

  2. By giving the go ahead for that burn off, They did more harm to this country than the rest of the population could do for a year. The land will be contaminated for decades. Again another way to kill our food supply. I never want to near another word from their mouths about global warming, which they accomplishing themselves with their incessant spraying the skies. They all need time in GITMO.

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