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By Radiopatriot

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  1. I hear a resounding “splat” for Veritas. I hope the good people there will leave before the money runs out. People won’t support them, anymore. He should just start over and keep it simple. He now knows how to keep a’holes from relieving him of his life’s work. He was a worthy recipient of hard-earned money and one of the few out there. He will be, again. I am deeply grateful for his hard work.

  2. James is PV, They will rue the day. Makes one wonder, we know it was an inside greed, that someone got a sniff of the money to be made after breaking the biggest story in years. It seems to be coming from one main source that hasn’t been there all that long. Makes one wonder many things.

  3. Thus ENDS Project Veritas…..watch it implode and know the Deep State got to it from inside…… too close to the target, it had to go…..end of O’Keefe? Not hardly…..the idiots just elevated him to a much higher position of influence….but I can’t imagine the pain of watching something you created commit suicide.

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