There has never been a better Commander in Chief than POTUS Trump. Never. Not even George Washington.

Q 140-
Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.

Q 937-
You cannot possibly imagine the size of this.

Trump continues to be very confident even though America is a MESS right now. Trump continues to highlight [their] crimes. Trump continues to “simply” focus on the 2024 polls and campaign.

Question- If you “had it all” (intel) and you knew that justice was coming— Durham/Huber/Team 470, unsealing of indictments, crimes against humanity, dec[L]as etc— Would you not behave and post statements, EXACTLY the way Trump has been over the last two years ??

Art of War…

Wartime POTUS…

Storm coming…

The Q drops make it clear that the highly compartmentalized great US Military is well aware of the threat, the “Clear and Present Danger”. 

The drops speak of infiltration, treason, crimes against humanity, Soros, Roths, HRC, Obama, and much more. 

Moreover, Trump was “asked to run” by “Generals” and others.

It’s all playing out. 

Think Space Force and No Such Agency.

Think Mil Intel vs 3-letter agencies.

Eagle Mom: If they “have it all” then why allow so much horror happen to our country? American citizens are suffering. ENOUGH!!

Qurham17: Excellent question. I think it’s because this is all “bigger than we can possibly imagine”. The “good guys” are attempting to take out a massive deeply entrenched enemy—RICO style. Moreover, there are casualties in war. So the question is, what is the best overall strategy to drain the swamp wrt risk/reward and proportionate outcomes? The answer to that is way beyond my ability.

Q 51-
Rest assured POTUS is backed by the absolute finest people alive who are all dedicated…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I totally get Eagle Mom’s question and concern…however, war is always messy, and collateral damage (I hate to say & think) is expected. When I began discussing all this stuff with my husband I showed him a spider web of the “deepest and entangled kind” to get him to understand the intricacy and depth of the corruption around the world. His mind was blown!

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