The little guy heads to toxic city.

Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, who last week criticized Norfolk Southern Railway for their response to the event that occurred just across his state’s border, will be joining him Tuesday. 

A spokesperson for Ohio Governor Mike DeWine‘s office told The Ohio Star that DeWine is scheduled to visit East Palestine on Tuesday to provide an update on the cleanup following the catastrophic February 3rd train derailment that resulted in the controlled release and burn of noxious gasses creating an ecological disaster in the region.

His office also told The Star that DeWine will also talk about Tuesday’s Ohio Department of Health East Palestine clinic launch, which state authorities have indicated is open to locals with medical queries or concerns.

DeWine announced the clinic last week, stating that although tests indicate that the East Palestine municipal water supply and the air are both safe, the derailment and chemical burnoff from that train have been traumatizing events, and people are reporting headaches, rashes, and other illnesses in addition to their skepticism.

“We’re now bringing in medical people to talk to anybody who has a particular problem. So we’re doing absolutely everything that we can to assure residents about what the situation is,” DeWine said.

The governor said he is aware of the skepticism.

“Nothing wrong with healthy skepticism. But all I can do as governor of the state of Ohio is tell you, we have the best experts that we can get and we have the best equipment that there is available to do the testing. We believe the testing is accurate,” DeWine said.

Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, who last week criticized Norfolk SouthernRailway for their response to the event that occurred just across his state’s border, will be joining him Tuesday.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, Michael Regan, will also be present for his second trip to East Palestine in many weeks.

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  1. Humm…. Trains derailing in E. Palestine Ohio, Gothenburg, Nebraska and Van Buren Township, MI (They didn’t breech the toxic chemical car, perhaps they will try again.), truck in Arizona, Metal Plant in Bedford, Ohio. Look out the boys are on a roll. Let’s pray protection on citizens who are in their line of fire. Camp Justice, (Gitmo), swing wide your entry gates. KD

  2. “We’re from the federal government, we’re here to help.

    “There’s no such thing as ‘coincidence’.”

    Ask ANY of the 500 Native American nations how *that* worked out for them.

    Is the Ohio AG *really* a MAGA Republican? Grand juries should be formed *right now*. So, the indictments are where?

  3. Dewaine is a woosie, I bet he has man boobs too. Two weeks late and squirming is low on the leadership scale. He should,have sent someone there STAT and warned the people to not sign any paperwork. Now for 1000 dollars many lost the right to sue and regain at least part of what they lost. He failed to protect the people. I find the Netflix movie that came out the last year, That the USDA in Jan just adjusted acceptable ratings for acceptable dioxins into a very dangerous level and right before the wreck there was a large push to get everyone to wear medical bracelets tracking everything about the wearer all very curious,

  4. Another aplphabet agency that should have been disolved years ago because of corruption and payback! What good has this agency done to help the enviroment here or anywhere? These people are sick! What a distraction to the many issues that Obummer and the Cabal are running! Hang em HIGH now before it is too late!!!

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