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Smashed the screen on my MacBook Pro yesterday. Using my iPad for now but the silver comm monster is going into the shop today and it might be a while before my laptop is back in my hands.

Posting is awkward using this device. Copying and pasting is arduous. So posts will be light or abbreviated, using just links to guide you to info I would normally paste here.

President Trump will be with the affected in East Palestine today. Pray for him and those he comforts.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the day we Christians observe as the beginning of Lent. Jack Posobiec has posted an interesting piece about it on Telegram. Seek it out, if you’re a believer. And if you’re not.

Bannon kicked off this morning’s show with Benny Johnson’s vid of handing out $1000 to the 20 families closest to the East Palestine chemical nightmare. I posted it here yesterday. It brings me to tears every time I watch it. Benny Johnson is an angel, bringing light to darkness, which is what we are called to do. A powerful reminder, especially on this first of 40 days leading to the crucifiction of Christ who took on our sins and died for us.

So I will keep this short as I watch War Room and later, listen to Just Human Kyle’s podcast which is streaming as we speak. episode #182.

Love to you all on this day that is holy on so many levels.

By Radiopatriot

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