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It’s confirmed everything I’ve believed was happening.

There is a massive RICO case happening behind the scenes and she testified there are at least 5 state AG’s involved and a bunch of prosecutors.

Q focused on Maricopa county for a reason and it’s the epicenter of the corruption being exposed.

The fact it is now going public tells me the investigations are done and indictments are about to be unsealed.

Perfectly timed.

No coincidences.

Ya know I think the election will be overturned in the courts but I thought Eugene Yu might be a key figure in that but after that testimony in Arizona it looks like the plan is to indict a bunch of people in Arizona, including Hobbs just as Kari Lake’s case gets to the Supreme Court.

This is a nuclear bomb that went off in Arizona

I don’t often say something is a must watch but this really is.

This is only a small part of the testimony

Everything planned and timed. 

I’m so comfortable watching this all play out as the enemy panics!


I’ve watched politics for a long time and there is something that has changed in a huge way that tells us everything we need to know as far as who is in charge of things and in control.

All my life if the democrats were in trouble legally, the whole corrupt system would defend them so they could escape justice.

The politicians would ban together to make excuses, the courts would give the velvet glove treatment if the prosecutors even brought charges.

The media would close ranks to excuse and distract.

The media would focus on the political fight rather than the actual crimes as if it was a tennis match.

But things have massively changed.

Biden and his family are under criminal investigations and they aren’t the only ones as the witness in Arizona just testified to a few days ago.

Judges, including Obama appointees are suddenly following the constitution and the law instead of politics.

The media is still fighting but has been completely neutered.

Many of their past “stars” no longer have jobs and the ones that still do are having a hard time defending Biden.

They are only beginning to be “forced” to cover the justice that is incoming.

As I’ve said for a long time now, there is an invisible hand in the background that is our military.

We are at war and most of the players already know what’s coming.

They just can’t stop it.

None of this is a coincidence.

I’ve said for a long time that there was a massive RICO case going on in the background and Trump was trying to tell us it involved several states because when he would hold rallies before the midterms there would be several AG’s from other states there meeting with him.

People forget this very important fact.

Military intelligence is in full control of the communications battlefield and have been tracking all these criminals for years now.

It’s finally going public. 

That’s a great sign that indictments are about to be unsealed.

Q specifically mentioned Maricopa county.


It was always the starting point.

The ball is now rolling

This is a YouTube video of the video of Jackie Berger’s presentation to the AZ Senate Elections Committee on 23 Feb 2023, it starts as a small image but enlarges after a minute or so. It also has, in the comments section, a Full Transcript of her testimony.

That was just a snippet. Her full testimony was a nuclear bomb politically!

The democrat party won’t survive what’s coming.

There are going to be so many arrests.

They were all owned by the cartel. Practically the whole government in Maricopa county

And this is Ms. Breger’s presentation to the House and Senate. In case your interested😉

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Radio Patriot – What an amazing person you are. I so appreciate all you do. I repost/retweet your intel all the time. This info about the RICO case in Arizona (and beyond) is incredible. Thank you so much for taking time to do this. I too have many words – you do all of us readers such a service by using yours. Blessings Patriot. From JoAnn Parrott

  2. Every now and then I’ll click on the Microshit email that hits my mailbox instead of just deleting it just to see what current propaganda stories they’re posting. Friday I read a whopper about supposedly the Maricopa county prosecutor is “getting ready to file charges” against Kari Lake for posting unquestioned signature pictures on ballots on Twatter. Microcraps’ readers are all excited hearing that …

    Their hard CRASH and their bubbles POPPING should be audible everywhere when those RICO indictments start flying while Kari will go untouched. Giggity.

    Soooooooo many people will be vindicated and that will just be the first domino.

    I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Chucky the ‘Hunchback of New Yorkistan’, ‘pencilneck’ shifty Rothschild Schiff, Chyna spy lover ‘Quivering Chin’ Swallow-well and the midget from Manhattan ‘Tweedle Dumb’ Jerry N-N-N-Nadler absolutely *losing their minds* over Kevin McCarthy letting Tucker Carlson get his hands on the 42,000 hours of J6 security videos. *kek*

    I’ve been saving a huge brand new jar of Dutchman’s Hulless White Popcorn that I’ve been saving for when their SHTF. I’ll share with anyone who’s here in this shithole country of New Yorkistan when the party gets started.

    Do I need to say I’m gonna enjoy it?


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