Secretary of Defense Chris Miller states that not only was there not a military coup, but also that POTUS Trump never attempted to instigate a military coup. Miller states that he, Miller, “was running the military” and such a coup didn’t happen and couldn’t happen because it “has to come through us [the military, under his control].”

To note, under the Constitution, POTUS is the Commander-in-Chief and is authorized to exercise supreme control over the military. So how then can Miller claim that he, not POTUS Trump, was “running the military”? Is Miller lying? 

If he’s telling the truth and did have control, and POTUS Trump ordered military action that his opponents might classify as amounting to a “coup”, and Miller refused to follow the constitutional orders of the lawful Commander-in-Chief, then Miller committed TREASON.

If Miller is telling the truth and did have control, and POTUS Trump delegated Miller with said control, then Trump quite literally prevented the very hypothetical coup that his enemies claim he tried to use to keep himself in power. They irony, right? Constitutionally speaking, it’s quite the leap to argue that POTUS can delegate away his authority as Commander-in-Chief. Unprecedented, though arguably legal.

Consider, what if as I have theorized for 2 years now, POTUS Trump was 25th’d either by Pence+Cabinet OR he 25th’d himself? In order to get to Sec of Defense Miller having legal supreme command of the military, then Pence, Pompeo and Manuchin would have also all been 25th’d. Neither Speaker nor President Pro Tempore are constitutionally eligible to ascend to the presidency or acting POTUS, so if Trump and/or his Cabinet were in control, theoretically it could have all been done by stopping only a challenge from Pelosi, since Grassley would seem to have been on board with such a hypothetical plan.

Curiouser and curiouser 🎥🍿

By Radiopatriot

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