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When you’re getting a shower and getting ready to go out and out of your funk disco mix playing on Spotify this pops on and starts playing 😎

Tron Anon did a dig on this song a while back, check the lyrics 👀

Good morning frens ☕️

–UK Neil

Why is Stacey Abrams in Nigeria overseeing their elections?

MORE on that piece of work… 👆👆

Rigged Elections in Nigeria and Stacey Abrams is in Nigeria 👀 WTAF???

By Radiopatriot

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    1. It could be any number of them — Camden, Bar Harbor, Boothbay, Wiscasset, Castine, Stonington… My favorite is Camden, with Bar Harbor a close second, but they’re all beautiful each in their own way. I love being on the coast.

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