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Cold Open


And while Bannon rages…over at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room the slippery rat testifies…

 US Attorney General Merrick Garland Testifies at Senate Judiciary Committee
U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies at an oversight hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee 

Something not right going on…

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  1. Cannot stand Colbert. How he ever got his own show is beyond me. They keep running the commercial that starts out with him saying “we’re on our 1,000th lawsuit” with a huge laugh. Camera pans to Queen Latifa with a big “”yeah baby” followed by Sandra Bullock agreeing with a resounding “Yes!” Last Colbert & Hanks are sitting on a couch doing high/large clapping. It’s so disgusting. They are telling us right in our face via TV that they are still Hollywood stars better than everyone else. They are all laughing and yet we are going to get the last laugh knowing they have been caught and justice will be served!!!

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