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Massive line forms outside Silicon Valley Bank in California as customers panic.

Welcome to Biden’s America. It will only get worse.

NOTE DATE OF Q DROP – more than four years ago. How did Q know? (wink wink). On Biden’s watch, baby.


President Trump knew and stepped aside to let it happen on PuppetJoe’s watch.

We’re going back to the GOLD standard. No more petrodollar. No more “reserve dollar.” Instead? A basket of gold-backed currencies for countries all over the world instead. Say goodbye to the Federal Reserve and its fiat currency.

By Radiopatriot

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    1. On December 12, 2018, Q told us what was coming. You’re seeing it unfold in front of your eyes right now, five years later.The reason for the Q drops was to alert us to what was ahead and prepare us so that when it happens, we don’t freak out ad many will. Anons “in the know” will help hold normies’ hands to calm them during this storm as it gets worse.

      Anons are fully aware but most others who have never heard of Q or who have disparaged the Q info messages are either still asleep or just beginning to wake up to reality. When Trump said “we have it all” this is what he meant. Trump has always known what’s coming. And the Q team helped prep us for a world that is changing. To wit:

      “China held talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
      Russia plans to hold talks between Turkey and Syria.
      France is getting kicked out from Africa.
      The world is changing.” — Jack Pososbiec

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