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Scott Arnold, [Mar 17, 2023 at 9:17:18 PM]:

This is what I really feel like we are gonna see playing out over the next few days. 

1. Trump will be indicted/arrested.  And it’s because of the stuff with STORM-y Daniel’s.  

That’s should tell you everything you need to know.  Trump needs to be removed from play to let the rest play out and the timing of this with her name is no damn coincidence. 

2. There’s currently an international arrest warrant for Putin.  They will also move him out of the way (possibly the others in the alliance as well Bin Salman, Xi, Bolsonaro, Modi, etc) Although I don’t think any are as important as Trump & Putin and here’s why…. The MOMENT that happens the shit show will begin.    The stage is set. 

3.  Bidens will be publicly taken down along with maaannnyyy others and the never Trump people and MSM then have NO WAY of blaming Trump OR Putin/Russia for a coup on the US bc they will both be in custody (optics wise)

4.  From there, most likely we will see the military take over and I’d think that by April 1st or maybe Easter Trump could  be reinstated ..

Remember I told you we have drops that say 

“April Showers”


“Don’t drop the soap”

…. You drop the soap in the shower so those drops tie together, and “don’t drop the soap” is a reference to prison showers .  If that’s April, then we need March arrests.  “Easter is our timeline” as Trump said a few years back- it’s the holiday that celebrates dark to light and April 1st is our official New Year.  Q also said “It’s about THE BREAK” ….this is Spring Break time.  

Add in all the stuff we shared about St Patrick/human trafficking connections. The Q drop deltas, etc 🤯🤯🤯

I know we shouldn’t make predictions but I’m feeling really really good.


He’s letting us know, the shit is about to hit the fan. With Trump arrested and Putin arrested they can’t blame them and the storm of political change will take place.

Countries invaded: 9

Civilians killed: 11 million

ICC charges: 0

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