Canada conditioning children to accept euthanasia

Children’s activity books on assisted suicide, euthanasia for newborns

Canada’s government-funded activity book aims to help children understand why an adult would choose medically-assisted death. The country is considering extending its euthanasia program to sick babies.

Canada’s rapid embrace of euthanasia exposed: Top medical organization wants to give lethal injections to seriously ill NEWBORNS – as government funds morbid activity book for children to understand assisted dying.

When Canada changed its laws in 2016 to permit euthanasia, voters were assured the lethal injections would only be available for seriously ill adults who needed to hasten a looming death and end their suffering.

Much has changed these past seven years.

The government is now weighing whether to extend euthanasia to children and the mentally ill. It has even funded an activity book for youngsters to learn about Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD), as it is known.

In another worrying sign, a top medical body in the French-speaking eastern province of Quebec says lethal injections should be made available to seriously ill newborns.

Supporters of assisted suicide say they help some very sick people end their agony. Critics say they are the start of a slippery slope that sees ever-more vulnerable people ending their lives prematurely.  

‘Now we’ve legalized euthanasia, everything’s turning upside down,’ Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, a campaign group, told ‘It used to be seen as a last resort. Now, we think in terms of denying people a service that should be available to them.’

Schadenberg and others were stunned recently by a ‘MAiD Activity Book’ aimed at helping children understand why a relative would choose euthanasia, and how the process works.

Critics point to the innocent, child-like language used in the 26-page government-funded booklet to explain a process that is, for many, macabre.

‘A doctor or nurse practitioner uses medicines to stop the person’s body from working,’ says the booklet.

‘When their body stops working, the person dies.’

It describes euthanasia as a last-ditch procedure reserved for consenting adults afflicted with a sickness or disability that ‘hurts their body or their mind so much that it feels too hard to keep living.’

It explains how MAiD drugs make recipients doze off and lapse into a coma before a ‘third medicine … makes the person’s lungs stop breathing and then their heart stops beating.

‘The person does not notice this happening and it does not hurt,’ adds the book, which was written by Ceilidh Eaton Russell, a McMaster University lecturer and an expert on child grief.

‘When their heart and lungs stop working, their body dies. It will not start working again.’

The book was published last year by Canadian Virtual Hospice, a palliative care group, using Health Canada funding. It’s available online, but was not distributed widely in schools or libraries.

Young readers are invited to color in pictures and share their feelings about MAiD.

The revelation comes as Canadian politicians decide whether to let minors end their lives with lethal injection.

Dying With Dignity, which campaigns for assisted suicides, says children as young as 12 should be entitled to euthanasia, once a parent or guardian has given their consent.

That limit is too high for Dr Louis Roy, from the Quebec College of Physicians — he says newborns who enter the world with ‘severe malformations’ or ‘grave and severe syndromes’ should be entitled to a doctor-aided death.

The book was published last year by Canadian Virtual Hospice, a palliative care group, using Health Canada funding. It’s available online, but was not distributed widely in schools or libraries

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  1. Here is a thought for all of those “caring,compassionate, and peaceful” physicians and lecturers who support this evilness: it does hurt your body. Anyone who takes too many “sleep aids” and has been resuscitated, will tell you that they felt like they were drowning. It is because your lungs literally fill with the body’s fluids. This entire practice is straight from Satan. My mother was a nurse and would be appalled at far from Grace her profession has fallen. Suicide is never an option.

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