Just Human and Joe Lange on the reported imminent arrest and more.

Here’s what the smart guys are saying on Just Human’s Chat board:

Just Human: He ain’t gonna be arrested. It’s bizarre to me how our side keeps falling for the, “Trump is gonna be arrested” hoax over and over and over again…

I’m sitting down to prep for Defected and tomorrow morning’s show. I see the sky is still falling, but not really. I am targeting the Guo indictment, Trump arrest hoax, and maybe one other news item for tomorrow’s show.

Joe Lange: I still won’t believe he will until it happens but I can see an advantage to Trump allowing it to happen.

…Trump changed the world.

The day he was elected.

He wasn’t supposed to win!

His election for the first time placed the enemy, including the hidden enemy in a truly vulnerable position.

They pulled out all the stops. Deployed all assets to bring him down and destroy him.

In doing so they made themselves even more vulnerable for the historic counter punch that’s coming.

And they know it but they had no choice.

You see they had not even contemplated having someone who they not only didn’t control but who on the campaign trail was declaring war openly against the hidden enemy, to actually win.

To control the levers of the most powerful military on the planet. A military they no longer controlled.

To control the world’s money supply and the most powerful central bank on the planet which he rolled into the treasury to fully control.

The enemy took drastic measures in desperation. First the Russiagate frame job. Failed. 

Then launched a bio weapon on us. It gave Trump Emergency Powers. Boomerang!

Then they stole the election using the bio weapon as the excuse.

That made Trump a War Time president after he had prepared for it by making elections critical infrastructure.

Boomerang again!!

Trump right now even though he doesn’t publicly sit in the White House is the most powerful man on the planet and may be the most powerful in history.

And he’s really yet to step into that role publicly for the world to see.

The enemy isn’t just panicked. They are fearful for the first time in their lives.

That’s how Trump changed the world my friends and he’s yet to really exercise his true power but it’s coming!


The entire world is drowning in debt. Central banks all controlled by the Rothschilds are printing money like crazy and have been since 2008.

The entire world is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The Rothschilds can handle a few countries going bankrupt because then they swoop in and buy all the country’s assets and resources for pennies.

But here’s their major problem.

The entire worlds economic system is centered around and controlled by the Federal Reserve and our economy.

The cabal wanted a war between the US and Russia which would leave China as the only super power.

China has a central bank too. They are in debt to the Rothschilds as much as we are.

Trump knew all of this.

Remember when he put the Treasury which he controls, over the Federal Reserve?

Trump then forced the Federal Reserve to eat the bad debt they were trying to unload. While at the same time forcing them to print money and give it to the people, not Wall Street and favored corporations.

Trump knows bankruptcy laws. He’s had experience and came back from it.

He’s bankrupting the Federal Reserve which brings down the entire world economic system controlled by the Rothschilds.

A new currency is coming my friends.

Not crypto.

A new currency backed by gold again and no debt attached.

Can you even imagine an economy with no income tax?

You keep what you earn.

Trump is a big thinker!

Think bigger!

…And the IRS is going to go away

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