I was born with a dark birthmark on my left temple. I was never bothered or self conscious about it, probably because it was tucked away in the corner and not in the middle of my face.

So when I read the story of this little boy and the special gift his parents gave him, I fell in love with him, his wonderful parents and the sweet little puppy whose facial markings were very similar to this little guy.

Read the story. And if you or someone you love has a birthmark, share it. Birthmarks: God’s kisses.

Parents Gift Son With a Unique Birthmark a Dog That Looks Exactly Like Him

(Courtesy of Carol Giraldelli)

The parents of a boy with a unique birthmark on his face have gifted their son a puppy with a facial marking exactly like his, and the pair are inseparable.

Carolina Giraldelli Cestari, 30, and her husband, João Renato Garcia, 37, live with their 5-year-old son, Enzo, in the Brazilian town of Cáceres, Mato Grosso. Enzo was born with congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) covering his forehead and part of the left-hand side of his face. CMN is a benign tumor-like formation caused by faulty development of the skin pigment.

Epoch Times Photo
Enzo with his dog, Manchina. (Courtesy of Carol Giraldelli)

According to his mom, Enzo’s CMN is a “super rare case,” and his parents follow up annually to see the evolution of his pigment.

Standing out from the crowd can be challenging for a child. Knowing their son wanted a dog, Carolina, and João, who both work in business, kept their eyes open for the perfect pup that would empower their “cheerful and communicative” son to feel proud.

“My husband found a photo on a website of a dog with the same spot as Enzo, and on the same side!” Carolina said. “But that dog was 900 kilometers away. At first we didn’t take it very seriously … [but] 30 days passed, and we decided to stop by.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Carol Giraldelli)

After the long drive to Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, the couple knew they had made the right decision. The friendly four-month-old pup had a marking on the exact same side of his face as Enzo and would make the perfect sidekick for their son.

They named him Manchina. As for Enzo’s reaction, his parents said that he already wanted a dog. However, upon seeing Manchina for the first time he was still surprised.

“He was very happy and delighted to have a dog so similar to him,” Carolina said.

For Enzo, having a dog such as Manchina has been fun since he now has some company. The duo’s favorite activities include fishing with Enzo’s grandfather and playing with other children.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Carol Giraldelli)

Carolina had a “wonderful” pregnancy with Enzo and was not made aware of her son’s condition until he was born.

However seeing his facial mark for the first time, she felt unconditional love.

Epoch Times Photo
Enzo with both his parents. (Courtesy of Carol Giraldelli)

Enzo’s parents thought that the facial mark was just something from his birth but it actually stuck with him. They were initially concerned that the condition would affect his body, however, they know it’s just something on his face that requires some care.

“I was so happy that God chose me as the mother of that little boy … [we feel] very happy to have a son so blessed by God, handpicked with his special mark,” Carolina said.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Carol Giraldelli)

Watch the video:

(Courtesy of Carol Giraldelli)

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  1. When I first entered college at Notre Dame, I befriended the executive vice president. He had a similar birthmark but never let onto it. He was an absolutely wonderful man and a gifted priest, and a wise counselor.

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