“Let us sexually mutilate your kids or we will murder them.”

NOW – Police say Nashville shooter, who killed 3 children and 3 adults in a Christian school, identifies as a transgender.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake later added that they uncovered a manifesto from the shooter.


Think about the message this Terrorist attack sends from the Left: “either let us sexually mutilate your kids or we will murder them.”

A manifesto that included maps of the school, & another location. Premeditated murder. Leftwing Political Domestic Terrorism. FBI missing in action & had no comment on today’s events

Confirmed… the Nashville Shooter identifies as a Transgender.

BREAKING: Police confirm female Nashville school shooter

identified as transgender

Hale was a former student of the Covenant Christian school.

Corporate media will now do everything in their power to cover up the transgender aspect of this. — Jack Posobiec

Trans community activist posted this 2 days ago.

BREAKING: Transgender Nashville school shooter had detailed

manifesto, map of Christian school, police confirm

Hale was killed after an encounter with officers on the second

floor just four minutes into the shooting.


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    1. Grabbing a quote from Just Human that might answer your question:

      “I’ve seen some confusion out there about this “Audrey Hale” person who today murdered three innocent kids and three innocent adults in Nashville, TN.

      People are unsure whether it was a male or a female, a he/him or a she/her or they/them, etc…

      I can simplify it.

      It’s Monster.

      Today, Audrey Hale self identified as Monster.

      And that is how they should forever be regarded.”

  1. Our government has always used school shootings to collect guns from the citizenry…nothing new…may they all rot in Hell…

  2. This blame goes to Obummer and Big Mike for fundamentally changing America. Hang em High! Guns don’t kill people, deranged people kill people. Obummer and fundamentally changing America are to blame for these types of tragedies. Obummer should not have been president, he lied about his idenity. His gay agenda has ruined our country, especially the military. These people are SICK. Wake up America! Maranatha Lord Jesus! Come quickly to save us!

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