Marjorie Taylor Greene on Biden bank records

“On the Oversight Committee, Chairman James Comer just sent out more subpoenas for Biden bank records.

We are following the money and every day we are discovering massive corruption.

Pretty soon, I won’t be one of the only ones demanding to impeach Biden, it will be unavoidable.”

Comer defends decision to shield witnesses from Dems in Hunter Biden probe, says some ‘do not trust’ Raskin

By Brianna Herlihy • April 7, 2023

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., this week defended his decision to gather information about President Biden’s possible connections to Hunter Biden’s business dealings from whistleblowers without giving committee Democrats access to those witnesses.

Comer said some witnesses fear being outed by Democrats, which justifies the move to collect information from them without exposing them to Democratic members of the committee.

“Multiple individuals have approached the Oversight Committee as whistleblowers with a desire to share information confidentially,” Comer said Thursday. “It should be no surprise that whistleblowers do not trust Ranking Member [Jamie] Raskin. He has revealed himself to be untrustworthy by releasing disingenuous, misleading financial information from the Committee’s investigation.

A spokesperson for the committee added that Republicans are protecting these witnesses from Democrats who have shown a willingness to expose them.

“Democrats have attempted to undermine the committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s business schemes at every turn,” the spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “It’s understandable why whistleblowers don’t want their identities and the information they are providing to be shared with the Democrats.”

“Chairman Comer is protecting these whistleblowers,” the spokesperson added.

Comer’s statement was released on the same day that the top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., accused Republicans of “deliberately” withholding information about witnesses in the investigation.

“It has been nearly three months since you assumed responsibility of the Committee, and in that time, I have grown increasingly alarmed by your efforts to shield information from Committee Democrats, including information collected as part of your investigation into members of the President’s family,” Raskin wrote to Comer.


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